Slimcase, much the same as each other superstar has a story to tell about his long stretches of little beginnings when he used to be a factory laborer who earned N15k month to month.

Oluwafemi Oladapo, popularly known as Slimcase whose big break came from music in 2017, disclosed this in a recent interview with Saturday Beats.

He also stated that he is in a complicated relationship because music comes with women.

Recounting the major challenges he faced in the early years of his career which include his parents and siblings telling hin to dump his musical career for a better job, Slimcase revealed that he used to be factory worker who earned N15k monthly.

“I faced a lot of challenges in my career, especially when it had to do with money. I had a big dream but I had little money. I used to be a factory worker and my salary was N15, 000. I am the first born of my family and out of this little money, I still had to save about N8,000 for my studio sessions, I had to trek a lot to achieve this.

“At a point, my parents and siblings put pressure on me to get another job and stop wasting my time doing music. I thank God I never listened to them because I am now the breadwinner of my family” he said.