The attention of the authorities of Federal Medical Centre, Idi-Aba, Abeokuta has been drawn to a trending news on the social media concerning the management of one of its patients, Josephine Olayemi Odufowora

The patient's father, in the trending write-up distorted facts and was indeed economical with truth.

This was revealed today in a press statement issued and signed the
Head , Public Relations & Information, Segun Orisajo in Abeokuta the state capital.

The statement revealed that the allegations about the Centre and its staff on the alleged mis-management and neglect of *Josephine* , the real fact was that the patient discharged herself from our Centre against medical advice while her treatment was *fully on* course. 

'As against blatant lies by her father, Josephine was at no point in time neglected nor left unattended to right from the time she was brought in unto our Centre till the time she subsequently discharged herself from our Centre."

"She was given the best of medical care and services available at our disposal."

"All the investigations she was asked to do were essential and crucial to her proper and holistic management."

"Please find the summary of a blow by blow account of the process of Josephine's management by a team of our Medical personnel which we were convinced unambiguously set the records straight."

"The above named patient was 
 referred from state hospital Ota on account of Thyroid disease in pregnancy at estimated gestational age of 25weeks complicated with severe lower abdominal pain."
"The team on call saw her on the 13th of June, 2020 at 10:10pm."

"The diagnosis of Graves’s disease in pregnancy (multiple gestations) was confirmed."

"She was resuscitated and the following investigations were requested, FBC, urgent PCV, malaria parasite, Urinalysis, urine M/C/S, VDRL, HbsAg, RVS, HVS M/C/S/,E/U/CR, TFT,LFT, Obst. USS."

"By the mid-night (14-06-2020) the medical team on call reviewed her. They agreed with the diagnosis and requested for more investigations, ECG, Echocardiography, thyroid scan and commenced her on Anti-thyroid medications."

"Patient’s symptoms abated except for occasional abdominal pain (mild) and this was managed with analgesics."

"She was reviewed on the 15th of June, 2020 with the result of Obstetric ultra sound. The demise of one twin was discussed with her and the need to manage the second twin conservatively was discussed with her due to her toxic clinical state and possible complications with aggressive intervention".

"She agreed to the management plan as explained."

"Thereafter, the Prognosis was made known and essentially, the need to complete her outstanding investigations.''

"By the 16th of June, 2020; patient discharged herself against medical advice in spite of all persuasions, Orisajo disclosed.