Amaechi Nwankpa, an orphan who is being bullied, oppressed and intimidated allegedly by his stepmother, one Blessing Chioma Nwankpa over the controversies surrounding his late father, Chief(Sir) Benjamin Okechukwu Nwankpa has cried to well-meaning Nigerians to come to his aid before he is taken out completely by his stepmother and her collaborators who are bent on using their influence in the corridors of power in Abia state to silence him.

The last few weeks has been hell on earth for Ahuama who is not being intimidated by his stepmother, Blessing Nwankpa but also being subjected to public ridicule by sponsored fake news aimed at tarnishing his reputation. To set the records, the first son of late Chief Nwankpa was prevented from seeing the corpse of his late father by Blessing Nwankpa who was not even present during the last moments of Chief Nwankpa.

Sources alleged that two weeks to the time of Chief Nwankpa's death, Blessing who was in Nigeria never made any effort to see or care for the deceased. She ignored the man in his hours of need. Interestingly, after Chief Nwankpa's death, Blessing not only sidelined Ahuama from the burial rites. She effectively prevented him from playing his rightful traditional role as the first son of the family - a clear disregard for the tradition and customs of the people of Umuachuja Kindred of Mgbokor Okpulor Autonomous community in Obiangwu Local Government Area of Abia State.

In an effort to prevent the matter from escalating into a violent confrontation, Ahuama instituted a legal action against his stepmother, Blessing Nwankpa at the High Court of Obiangwa Judicial Division. And on December 14, 2022, Honorable Justice E.O Enwereji granted an interim order preventing Lady Blessing Nwankpa as well as her agents or privies from burying the remains of late Chief Benjamin Okechukwu Nwankpa on December 28, 2022 or any other date without the consent of Ahuama.

In apparent disregard for the order of the court, Blessing Nwankpa banking on her political connections went ahead with the burial ceremonies without the consent or participation of Ahuama. And since then, she has been plotting to bring down Ahuama whose only crime is asking for his traditional right to be respected. To say that Ahuama life is danger is simply stating the obvious. The US-based businessman currently in Nigeria is appealing to people of good conscience to come to his aid before he is cut down before his time.

Despite her deliberate attempt to ruin his reputation and her mega Blackmail on the Ameachi in preventing his attendance of his Dad's burial due to his role as defacto breadwinner of the family