A tempered drama happened on Monday night during the ‘DoubleWahalaReloaded’ show between former housemates Ahneeka and Ifuennada.

Ahneeka had during the show hosted by Ebuka, confronted Ifuennada; accusing her of sabotaging her relationship with Angel

This almost led to physical combat as Ifuennada rose up in defense, trying to put up a fight with Ahneeka. But thanks to Ebuka’s intervention and that of bouncers on the show, who separated them.

Reacting to the whole drama, Ebuka, who was enraged by the physical display of grievance, expressed disappointment at the ex-housemates.

He told the housemates never to result in violence in settling their differences, especially on the show.

Ebuka said:
“Ahnneeka I don’t know whatever it is you’ve been attacked for that you stood up and tried to put up a fight with Ifuennada

“Violence is not the answer and I don’t know why you had to leave it to get to this point. This is not why we are here

“This is not why we are here to say I’m disappointed is an understatement.

In response, Ifuennada broke down in tears and apologized to Ebuka and everyone for disrespecting them, same as Ahneeka.