Ayo Adesanya, an actress, director, and producer, with over two decades and a half experience in the industry, don’t look 50, reasons she is set to give marriage another shot after her first trial packed up years ago.

The mother of one share with Pearl News what she expects from a man who would be lucky to walk her down the aisle again and as well her love for s*x.

“I’m willing to give another person one last chance. Now, I am 50. I want to let go. I want to give marriage another try. If I get the right person, I’ll get married again. Nobody is perfect but I need someone that can balance me up. He has to be God-fearing, romantic and have some money. Romance is very important. I want an extremely romantic man. God is a good God. He knows what I want, and I believe that he would send him my way”

Asked how she feels at 50 and lessons learned, the curvaceous veteran actress asserted that nothing has changed about her.

“Life at 50, nothing has changed. It is still the same me. But mentally, I’m more matured. I have learned to be more humble. Humility pays. People you don’t even know, know you and watch all your moves. I’m not a gym person, I eat anything but I drink water a lot. That’s my beauty secret.”

On s*x and controversy, Ayo Adesanya who has managed to maintain a clean slate in a scandal filled industry clearly stated that she doesn’t like drama.

“It is not easy to maintain a clean state. I don’t like drama. Even if you check my social media page, I don’t like drama at all. I also learned not to put everything about me on social media. Some would post photos when they go to the toilet, when they eat, and other unnecessary things, that’s where the whole drama starts.

On s*x, we all humans, everybody likes s*x. This is what humans do, they eat, have sex and sleep. If I don’t have s*x, how would i have my son. But they are certain things one can’t bring out or flaunt outside, even if you are nymphomaniac, once you are outside you control your urge”, Ayo Adesanya added.