OAP, Daddy Freeze ran into the Man who had an alteration with Bobrisky in Ikoyi. The man who goes by the name, Jacob allegedly bashed Bobrisky’s car and still went ahead to smash his iPhone 11 during their alteration.

The video which made rounds yesterday pulled massive reactions from Nigerians who blamed the man for public harassment.

Bobrisky in an update after the incidence, said the guy after bail, must buy the iPhone, which he has done and must repair his car which is currently pending.

However, OAP, Daddy Freeze has now confirmed that the man has bought a  new iPhone to replace Bobrisky’s phone that he damaged and equally granted a sought of interview with him, where the guy revealed of not having the idea he bashed Bobrisky’s car, until the crossdresser jumped on him and started attacking him and his car.

Angered by that, he had to retaliate furiously and as much as damaging his iPhone.

Watch below;