Musician and music promoter, WillieXO has revealed MI Abaga told him he would get back to him regarding the 40 million deal to battle Vector live on stage.

Willie took to his Instagram page to let the public know he has spoken with MI on the phone and he’s revealed he needs to get more time so he could discuss with his management.

Willie also reveals the only thing stalling the move is MI’s decision as Vector has already agreed to grace the stage to face MI.

He also reveals he is willing to loosen up a bit by deciding to share the money between the two rappers instead of an initially proposed winner takes all deal.

He wrote;
 “Nigerian hip-hop fans really want me to deliver so here’s where we are: I have spoken with MI and he said he’s going to get back to me after speaking with his team. Me and my team are ready, Vector is ready, so I'm waiting for MI to get back to me like he promised. Also if both parties agree, I'm ready to drop the winner take all angles and go for a split of the mulla. Let’s go!”