Following the agreement between the federal government and the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) on the new minimum wage, the minister of labor and employment, Chris Ngige, has revealed the payment will be effected.

Ngige on Friday, October 18, speaking to journalists in Abuja, said that the payment will be effected immediately, Daily Trust reports.

On the breakdown on the pay adjustment for different categories of civil servants, the minister said: “For COMESS wage structure grade level 7 gets 23%, level 8 gets 20%, level 9 gets 19%, levels 10 to 14 get 16% while levels 15 to 17 get 14%.

“For those on the second category of wages structure, CONHES, CONRRISE, CONTISS etc, level 7 gets 22.2%, levels 8 to 14 get 16%, levels 15 to 17 get 10.5%.”

The minister, however, explained that the pay adjustments of military and paramilitary are reflected in the deal and will be transmitted through the right means.