Entertainment Detectives 20 Nigerian youths to look out for in 2020 and why!

People receive and welcome the new year in different ways just as we have different people in the world and narrowing it down to our great country Nigeria, some people see the new year as just another day or a flip of the calendar. 

There are even arguments that the new year that’s widely celebrated is not accepted worldwide as the Muslims also have their new year and by the way, the Chinese New Year day is not January 1st; 2020 for them is the year of the “Rats” (feel free to google it and read up) 😉 it’s quiet and interesting one.

However, if you are part of the people that were born in the ’80s raised in the ’90s and still breathing in oxygen, you would know that the year 2020 is a year that was talked about like “the year”, very defining one that a whole lot of things are going to happen to the extent that even the government of so many countries also pegged 2020 as a year to measure development (Vision 2020)…. is it looking like it? Oh well, one of the lessons learned to go into 2020 was that for every and any change, growth or development you want to see, it begins with you and there is a need to be actively involved in creating the future you want to feature by first creating a mental picture in your mind (VISION).

Now this list is made up of people who we see that are ready to make their future a “Blow” (Not as Trump and the WW3 scare) with the steps they have taken prior to or at the beginning on 2020

1- Seyi Awolowo- (@officialseyiawo)-  This young man started the year and decade by walking into the corridors of power with meeting the Governor of Lagos state and his cabinet and then signing a deal with a perfume company (@posh_perfumesng). For us, we think this is deliberate and shows a focused young man who is serious and sold out towards achieving his dreams. Seyi Awolowo is the seventh son and last of ten children of Late Evangelist Oluwole and Mrs. Christie Awolowo and prior to Big brother Naija, he has played major roles in Tv commercials, movies and soap opera picked up interest in media which led him to Dynamix communication where he was a lead Tv presenter for a while.
He has worked with notable brands such as Dabur Herbal, Etisalat (now 9mobile), Glo, Dettol, MTN, etc.
In addition to working in the entertainment industry, He is also the founder of the online tech startup, Connects.NG; a company he started in order to bridge the gap and give talented young people proper representation and exposure.
Seyi was in the top 5 of the bbnaija 2019 pepper dem edition; a platform that made him one of the choice youth where he broke a lot of records and became an ambassador for one org.
He is  very passionate about the culture and heritage of Africa and aims to re-educate the youth as well as future generations on the importance of embracing cultural values.
We look forward to seeing him on various platforms Tv, radio and world stages to represent the Nigerian youths.

2- EmmaOhMaGod- (@emmaohmagod)- He, not a new name in the music and comedy industry as if we are not mistaken, he has professionally been doing music and comedy for over 10 years which has made him one of the choice MC/Comedian/Musicomedian In Nigeria. Worthy of mention also is his acting and directorial skills which have seen him work with top shot movie producers and actors like Ayo makun, Mo Abudu, Funke Akindele and lots more. His character in “The wedding party” “Your excellency” “Accidental Spy” among other series, soap opera and commercials cannot be overlooked as his energy jumps out at you anytime he is on screen.
Last year, for the love he had for music he started a 17 man (4 ladies included) band that hosted and entertained 2 major classy events in Lagos (Ohemgeefajifriday) that got people talking after seeing how good he can actually sing and coordinate a full band. So beyond the comics he does, music parodies, commercials he sings/ does, he is actually an all-round entertainer that knows his job and we believe that he has major plans to continue his music series with his (@theohemgeeband) band amongst other things this year.

3- Ewoma the Voice- (@ewoma_o)- Popularly known as Ewoma “The voice” Oyegwa recently made the list of voice over artists of the decade in the female category https://www.360nobs.com/2019/12/entertainment-detectives-top-nigerian-female-voiceover-artistes-of-the-decade/ (read here). The radio host and creative director are passionate about media and it’s narratives and she has put in a lot of working years into bringing out the best sounds for media houses and brands. Over the years she has blessed a lot of us with her sweet voice and sound with some features on the red carpet (as a host) , acting in tv and web series, voice-overs and event hosting. She is set to expand and build on these foundations she laid last year and we strongly believe she is going to ace them all.
4- Amapsalmist- (@amapsalmist)- This young man is a bundle of talent whose skills have found expression is so many works we are enjoying on tv and in the cinemas. The filmmaker and director won the Accelerate film maker project, picked up a nomination at the future awards, and also an AMVCA winner.

With his hands in so many projects within and outside the shores of Nigeria, we see him riding on high horses this year 2020 and his names would be on more projects including his personal feature film and series.

5- 313Eko- (@313eko)- A strong, rugged and classy man whose love for perfection made him go through university education in a prestigious private school and then out in that training into making leather footwears. Mr Taiye shoemaker as he is called broke barriers from being a “local” shoes to walking on the prime runways of fashion events. His products has been spotted on the Legs of celebrities like Timi Dakolo, Noble Igwe, Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD), Tokyo James etc.
He plans to do more exports of his products this year to further stamp his brand as an “international” brand as he believes that the Nigerian leather works deserves to step on and enjoy more views in the world map.

6- Nack Apparel- (@nack_apparel)- Nack (Nigeria articulate culture Kullection) is a casual fashion brand that is positioned to give Nigeria and Africa a better representation in the international scene.
The brand owned by Tolulope Akinpeloye last year clothed countless celebrities in Nigeria, featured on runway events within and outside the country and with its “Nigerian jersey” which was called the “League of xtraordinary Nigerians” Jersey got loads of attention as it was one of the official outfits for the housemate in the big brother Naija reality tv show.
Worthy to note also is the official launch of its flagship store at the busiest mall in Nigeria (@ikeja_city_mall) which according to him is to make a statement that Nigerian brands also can stand side by side with international brands and compete favorably. The dream they have at the Nack office is to have 1,000 store around the world and this they have started by first getting the products right. We look forward to seeing bigger moves from them.

7- GlobalTshirtFactory-(@Globaltshirtfactory)- This company is led by a young man who is very unassuming but has a world/global view for his “local” business. Mr Adeola is an architect by learning but is sold out to solve the challenges of the garment makers and users. His company is said to be the fastest growing garment making, manufacturing and branding company in Nigeria with the capacity to turn out 2,500 garments in 5 working days. According to him, he is looking at a day soon whereby international brands like Nike, Tommy, Addidas would come to him to produce locally for them and distribute across Africa and beyond because in his company, a clothingline owner can walk in with just an idea and the whole production process would be started and completed. Towards the end of last year, he and his team including “The funny tailor” (@officiallolu- a comedian and fashion designer) started a research on how to create a product that would merge fashion and information technology together. We believe in his dreams and look forward for a big break and crack in his endeavors.

8- Kiki Mordi (@kikimordi)- After melting the “cold room” with her undercover investigative journalism skills, she has become an award winning media person  who has also put more attention in filmmaking and activism. He story which she did with Bbc went far and wide causing a lot of table shaking and head rolling in and out of the social media space. She has become a strong voice and in the circle of thought leaders although some of her views, ideas and perceptions and criticized, she has strong opinions about a lot of issues. We look forward to more bold statements and revelations. She mentioned she wasn’t able to graduate from school due to challenges she faced which led her to do the “undercover”, we hope she finds a way to learn, unlearn and relearn. Education is key and we believe she is going to keep up educating herself within our outside the walls of an institution.

9- DDAVIDS shoes- (@ddavidshoes)- If you see the product of this young man, you would almost not believe they are made in Nigeria because the style and detailing is second to none. The “shoemaker” is also on a speed drive to give a better impression about Nigeria to the world.
For him, having a DDAVIDS shoe in every home is a goal for him as his brand caters for young, old, classy, flashy and modest fashion forward people at a very luxury affordable price.

10- Baaj Adebule- (@Baajadebule)- Aka “Mr trade secret” Mr Deep dimples” is an actor, film maker, realist and world influencer.
With so much acting training and experience, he has received exposure from working on the most popular and trending movies, web series and tv series in Nigeria that has crossed over worthy of mention is “Payday” movie which is currently enjoying views on Netflix, Battle ground which is one of the most followed series on Mnet and TMC which also feature his friend and colleague Ayoola (One of the most loved actors in Nigeria).
We also gathered that within his circle is one of the revelation and musical export from Nigeria  Richassani who sold out a lot of shows in America… show me your friend and I would tell you who you are. More wins for Baaj, his circle…. and if you would “come with me” we would open you up to more of his movie plans and features for 2020.

11- Funbi-(@funbimusic)- After making us sing (Halleluyah) and Serenading is with an EP accosted with “Palmwine music”, we can’t but look out for this dude. His good looks and beautiful voice makes him one of the eye candy in the music industry as he blends his alte sound with pop, rhythm and blues.
His affiliation with the “show dem camp” group, Ladipo of Don jazzy led Mavin records and others we believe would yield more results this year 2020.

12- Zanku x Marlian records- (@zlatan_ibile x @nairamarley)-  Just at the end of the year, these two floated, launched and announced their record labels after enjoying a whole lot of media attention all through 2019. This didn’t come without loads of sacrifices and “Gbas Gbos “ but it was a crown of efforts made most especially for Zlatan who has been in the music scene for years; his throw back pictures would tell you the story. Within the space of this one year, we saw Zlatan move from his former record label to “Alleluya boys entertainment” where he dropped his album. Obviously for him to float his label, his contract with them has expired hence he would be collecting directly his full money on show bookings which gives him more funds to do a lot for himself and his musical career/ his label.

A little bird said he has signed a talented artist who has been in the music scene with him from way back in Abeokuta. We look forward to a bigger and better year for them as NairA Marley has also announced signing 4 artist who performed with him on his “Marlin fest” stage.

13- The boys( @Burnaboygram @fireboydml @joeboyofficial @boy_director)- Now these “boys” have made a statement for themselves within a year as they all broke boundaries and broke into “mainstream”
For burnaboy, he became the “African giant” who picked up a Grammy nomination amongst so many other great heights. TG Omori Boy director came out stronger as a director and a “celebrity” who against all odds and backlash stayed relevant.  With “Laughter, Tears and goosebumps” fireboy “scatered” a lot in the music scene under the Olamide led YBNL. We look forward to more “Rhythm and cool and young” sounds cc @pheelzmrproducer. With so much “Empawa” – ment from from Mr Eazy, we started “Beginning “ to fall in love with joeyboy and all things being equal he should drop a body of work to complement his plenty yours within and outside Africa. Watch out for these “Boys”

14- Ajaeze Onu (@Ajaezeo) – Nigerian born US based musician and all round creative who ditched the Wall Street to face music is one person whose tenacity is worthy of emulation. With a lot of criticism about his sound and style, he stuck to his craft but adjusted and refined all he could by picking the constructive criticism.
He is set to drop a “fever”on us and we believe this would be a body of work that he would use to express more about himself.

15- LarrieO-(@Larrie_O)- Aka Mr “Sew to Perfection”… Larrie_o is not a newbie in the fashion scene and has clothed a lot of high and mighty people. With his “quiet” style of business, he invest more time in doing the actual work na living the “celeb” life.
Being the official clothier for one of the aides in the presidency, he is looking at positioning his craft as a means of empowering the Nigerian youths via training and establishing more avenues where people can acquire skills, knowledge and funds to start up fashion businesses.
We would love to see this as it’s ripple effect would be nice.

16- Danpowertouch-(@danpowertouch)– Daniel Ajaaja  is one of the fast rising OAPs, hype man and host stationed at WFM. He has been on many platforms and been part of discussion groups that has led to change in his community and with a voice like his, we can’t but expect many more great things from him.
All eyes on you powertouch.

17- Gidioti-(@Gidioting)- The Babatunde Makinde led team is a Pr, AR and Talent management outfit who recently also branches out into making casual wears (Caps and Shirts) under the name “Mood faden “ His global mind set is something to note as he believes even with the “no structure” lament in the entertainment industry, there is so much that can be done. He has a project “Musicpreneur” which is set to lunch this year that would bring together the key players in the music industry and its affiliate; the platform would see these people talking together and discuss key issues that are affecting the industry and how best to solve it. Under his belt are new talents Codestboi, Psalme, and Zimbiat who are opportune to be tapping straight from his capacity and resources.

18- The Pamilerin-(@thepamilerin)- With over 100,000 followers on his verified Instagram account, Omo iya Ologi has been able to build a lot from being a Pr and social media influencer/expert. Towards the end of 2019, he bought a benz car that made heads turn and beyond that he is a philanthropist; brain behind give a girl child a pad- an initiative geared towards making pads available for free to the girl child. His influence is so much that even twitter had to suspend him twice. Lol. With his clientele and circle we know he would be doing so much more this year.

19- Uknotyourtie- (@unknotyourtie)- A comedy club led by seasoned comedian @omobabacomedian with 2 branches (one on the mainland and one on the island which runs every week) has stood the test of time and produced tremendous results. The likes of @slkomedy, @comediandeeone, Ovygodwin and the latest winner of Alibaba spontaneity Mc Pachage are “products “ of this comedy club. Products in the sense that they are regulars at the comedy club and their activities there have made their delivery and spontaneity top notch. Though Slk didn’t participate in the annual January 1st competition, the other 3 comedians mentioned above has won cars from Alibaba and they all have affiliations with the comedy club…. practice they say makes perfect.
With this, we believe the comedy club can host a major paid event this year and bring together all the winners and their friends as performers.
We would be watching.

20-  Social media- We can’t wrap up this list without mentioning the social media community that made a lot of people in the past year(s). The likes of Tundeednut, instablog, sydneytalker, Hyenana, Josh2funny and bellokreb are testimonies of the power of social media as long as you get your content right. Tundeednut from social media has made a lot of people popular and they are now making a living from that to the extent that he gave out 1.5 million Naira last year to the most engaging follower( we await another one this year). Hyenana; a fantastic Mc, hypeman and content creator also blew to major limelight through the social media, Sydneytalker beyond his skits we know is intelligent and would do more with his “Bad mouth” content for Tv or web series. Also by the second of February 2020, Josh2funny would be hosting Nigeria at Eko hotel for his first major headlining show.
We would stop here now for the sake of this list and Incase we didn’t mention you or your favorite, it doesn’t mean they are not great or going to be great, some of them have done great already and would still do some more hence this list would be updated and as these guys are breaking grounds we would keep you guys up to speed.
Pheew it’s been a long read and we thank you for reading.
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Culled from 360nobs