Following Okada ban in Lagos State, students and workers in the State were stranded on Monday morning at various bus stops while others were trekking to their various destinations.

DAILY POST also confirmed that horses have now emerged as a new means of transportation by residents of the State.

The restriction which took effect from February 1st seems to be having adverse effects on residents of the State as movement has now become quite difficult.

Recall that the Lagos State Government had banned the operation of commercial motorcycles and tricycles in six local government areas and nine local council development areas of the state.

.The state Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr. Gbenga Omotosho in a statement said the government had placed the ban due to the havoc the riders cause in those communities.

The Lagos state government had, however, assured residents to remain calm even as it promised to release 65 buses to aid transportation.

Speaking to DAILY POST, a resident who pleaded anonymity, narrated his ordeal along the Ikeja axis saying many workers and students were stranded at bus stops while some resorted to the expensive horse-ride.

He said the ban has led to an increase in bus fares in most routes in Lagos state.

He joined many Lagosians to cry to the Sanwo-Olu’s government to help salvage the situation.

He also confirmed the use of horses by some residents to go about their daily activities.

“The Okada ban has created more traffic, increase in bus fares and rowdiness at various bus-stops. this morning school students were stranded at bus stops as they were no Okada/Keke to take them to their respective schools.

“We call on governor Sanwo-Olu to help Lagosians at this time. Today, some people were charging like N2,000 for a horse ride to Ikeja. If you’re not trekking in Lagos today, you are either stranded at the bus stops or in traffic. It is a sad situation.”

Here are some reactions gathered by DAILY POST from Twitter:

@Semiloore “Sanwoolu has returned Lagos to the ancient times with horse rides.”

@SeyiOjenike “With Lagosians maneuvering to O’Horse, the Lagos people will be left with horse poo all over the place.”

@Sama_onpoint “Dear Sanwo-Olu, these pupils at the back of a truck would most likely have been conveyed by Keke to school this morning. The peculiar nature of certain axis on the Okada and KekeBan list should be taken into consideration for a much-needed review.”

@Chrisbamidele “This is the first working day after the ban, It’s a knee jerk reaction that we always have to everything. I will keep my kid at home instead of putting him on this truck to be in school, or find a school closer to where I live.”

@dickson “Dear Lagosians, the present government has failed us, with the #KekeBan and #OkadaBan. Students go to school with Keke and Okada
Workers go to work on time with Keke and Okada. Lagosians also use Private riders to deliver goods and services. Shame.”

@OgaGodwin “As expected Uber and Bolt fares will skyrocket in Lagos. Dear
Sanwo-Olu this is the unintended consequence of your half baked strategy on Okada ban. Remind me again how many percents of Lagosians actually use them?

@ItsMrKaydee “I thought I was late to work till I saw my boss in the crowd, OkadaBan Lagos state going to another level.”

@Filleduchaos “This is no Little discomfort. This state doesn’t actually have a government. It’s just a bunch of people playing ‘tinko tinko’ with Lagosians’ lives and futures

@Alpha_keyboard “Kwankwaso banned Okada in Kano when he was governor but he wasn’t crazy like Sanwo Olu. He provided an alternative of Keke Napep.”

@KessyL “Well it looks like almost everyone now has a reason to protest or “prayer walk”.The next level is gradually reaching everyone… enough to go round. Wait for your turn.”

@Seyi517 “People just full everywhere. You would think Israelites are crossing the red sea again.”

Credits: DailyPost