Congratulations on your purported appointment as senior special assistant on diaspora matters ..Bolanle Ashabi Sarumi-Aliyu.

I was swayed by your will,courage and boldness to govern our dear state at the last election. It’s hard this days to see women at that forefront especially to be pitted against four extraordinary men at a debate .But you show the whole world the stuff you are  made of..your eloquency and sense of humor swayed everyone to your side just that Politics isn’t concluded on stage...The good thing is you have showcased yourself to the world and our dear state,and am happy you are stable in a major party setting yourself for future political aspirations. This is a good starting point in your political journey and am sure your prowess won’t go unnoticed here..

Once again accept my warm congratulations Mrs Bolanle ashabi Sarumi aliyu Bola Sarumi Aliyu For Governor 2019 Bola Sarumi-Aliyu