The leadership of  Olomore market in Abeokuta, the Ogun state capital has expressed dissatisfaction over the alleged rumours going viral that the Olomore perishable food sellers are not in line with NCDC order on wearing face masks in the market

This was disclosed today in Abeokuta by the management of the market expressing it with shock and disappointment over the alleged rumours.

It was revealed that ''Since the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Management of the Market has voluntarily applied safety measures only to prevent not just the market but also our valued customers who patronizes us on daily basis with simple tips and other necessary items in the fight against the virus. 

''Almost everyday we normally distributes face mask to our Market Men and Women. You may come across few individuals without the face mask but you cannot indict the whole market men and women not wearing it. 

''We are law abiding citizens. We have no criminal record or whatsoever that we are against any Law of the Government or the tradition of the land. We are in support of the Government and the NCDC in the fight against COVID-19 PANDEMIC in the State and the Country at large. 

''We are 100 percent sure that almost every market you will find few people that are not wearing the face mask. Olomore is not the only Market in Abeokuta. 

The management therefore maintained that it will continue to support the  fight against covid-19  spread in the State and the Country.