Q: Can we meet you sir

A: I am Honourable Abiodun Ademolu(Double-A). A Councillorship aspirant from ward4, Abeokuta south local government. Ogun state
Contesting under APC.

Q: Tell us about your education? 

A: I attended oke-ona United primary school iberekodo Abeokuta where I got my first school leaving certificate.
 I proceeded to Baptist Boys'High School oke saje Abeokuta.
Also, attend School of health information management UCH Ibadan(HND). And Houdegbe North American University republic of Benin(Bsc)

A: Why councillorship post? 

A: Yes, thank you. My intention is to start from the grassroot so as to understands the needs of my people, gather experiences politically and to also make a name that will ring positive bell in the continuity of the political contests from now till the future. As a child that wasn't brought up with a silver spoon, I attended public primary and secondary school. I understand what it  takes the poor masses to sustain in every aspect of life because I have also experienced a lot.
Q: The people at the grassroots most times are not recognised in term of education, water and other facilities, what are bringing in board if you eventually emerge
A: These challenges give me the motive to pollitically strive hard to meet up with my people. In the process of my political awareness, I started with the provision of 3,000 notebooks for school children.The notebooks were distributed towards the resumption of this session to all the pupils and students within and outside my ward and my local government. So, I could say the notebooks will cut accross many schools, I also made supply of water tankers to my people in need, in the period of COVID-19 Pandemic I also shared palliatives to the people, i believe With all these done. If I'm chanced to attain the post, I will pay attention to almost every sectors in my capacity.

Q: And how are you going to complement the efforts of Dapo Abiodun at grassroot if you eventually emerge?

A: First, good sources of water, provision of education materials ( my foundation is working seriously on this). Empowerment, health wise and roads
 and as a local government Councilor it's my duty to work hand in hand with the executive governor as he has laid a good examples to emulate. Supporting and being loyal to his Excellency is my major priority. His Excellency, prince Dr Dapo Abiodun has been a blessing to all.

Q: Why do you call gov. Abiodun a blessing to the state? 

A: I call him a blessing because he has really touched every sector such as, renovation of schools in all the local governments, reconstruction of roads, construction of housing estates also his quick response to the COVID-19 Pandemic was fantastic, Agricultural sector like provision of seeds to the farmers, Anchor borrower, Employment opportunities through the Ogun job Potter. And many more. You can now see that my calling him a blessing is justifiable.

Q: Apart from politics, what other thing do you do?

A: Yes thank u, i am an  health information manager and a researcher, I engage in health research and  e-records programming. I'm also an administrator officer of Blessed Assurance Model Schools kugba, Abeokuta. My father's school also am  a farmer and entrepreneur.

Q: How can you compare the present Administration with the past one?

A: The present administration welcomes more people of positive ideas. It has also been touching all sectors.
I perceive strong team work in this administration.
This present administration is a good practice of real democracy, unlike the previous administration.

Q: Finally what distinguishes you  from other contestants?

 A: I started with the post of assistant sports director in 100L, sports director in 200L, SUG vice president 300L and SUG president in my final year 400L at UCH Ibadan. While I also served as the General secretary NAHIMS. National Association of Health information management students.
 And class Representative for 3 the  years used in Houdegbe North American University. People should be in the best position to judge that. But I believe in myself and will always be proud of myself.