As the 2021 edition of the annual Ramadan fasting comes to an end, a candidate for the Ipokia Royal Stool from iwaye Dodo Royal family, Prince Hakeem Bankole  Otenibotemole,  has congratulated Muslim faithfuls in Ipokia for witnessing this year's fasting period.

He urged them not to forget the lessons and tenets Ramadan symbolises,  noting that the Muslims had engaged in the spiritual exercise for the past 30 days and therefore should not forget the lessons of the fasting in a hurry.

Prince Bankole noted that only prayer can solve problems including the most difficult ones and Allah remains source of power of all Muslims.

Prince Bankole said the Eid el fitri is a celebration that follows Ramadan period and all Muslims should participate fully. 

He also hinted that the entire Ipokia community will soon celebrate on a grand scale when their stolen mandate is fully restored. 

Prince Bankole called for calm and express his abiding faith in the judiciary as the last hope of the common man. He promised that next year celebration will witness a lot of innovations.