The National President of National Association of community newspapers and magazine publishers of Nigeria, (NACNMPN) Amona Tajudeen Oladehinde has called on government both at Federal and State level to put measures in place and ensure safety of journalists all over the country.

Amona Oladeinde also urged Nigerians to be cautious of cyber-bandits, fake news merchants and their accomplices trying to undermine corporate existence of Nigeria.

According to NACNMPN boss in his post election speech held in Ibadan the Oyo State capital on Tuesday said these individuals and groups aid and abet terrorist activities and instigate the locals against the government because of their personal benefit.

Amona Oladeinde said the government also need to provide adequate security to all journalists while performing their official duties.

In a statement signed by Abiodun Taiwo, the Southwest Coordinator of the body said Amona Tajudeen Oladeinde who emerged as the National President of the Association after two other contenders for the position, Alhaj Kabir Danbata and Garba Aminu had stepped down for him said the sudden disappearance of Mr. Tordue Salem, a reporter with Vanguard newspapers called for urgent steps from government

Salem was reported missing a week ago by his family, as he did not return home penultimate Wednesday and his office could not tell of his whereabouts.

Oladeinde maintained that issues around the missing journalist did not point to a kidnap case, as the family had not been reached for any demand, since he was declared missing.

“We read with utter disappointment the sudden disappearance of Mr. Tordue Salem, a reporter with Vanguard newspapers, we therefore urged government to as matter of urgency ensure the release of the reporter without any delay.

Speaking on the task before the Association, the National President of NACNMPN said Some fake news peddlers are political merchants and agents of darkness working for their Godfathers in highly placed positions,”.

“They will deploy all resources at their disposal to ensure they continue to profit from the misery of others. This is why the media space ought to be circumspect in their reporting, in order not to play into the hands of the saboteurs.”

NACNMPN however as an Association of people with proven integrity and professionals we will continue to collaborate with security agencies and well meaning Nigerians to weed bad eggs from the profession, while urging the security agencies to turn their searchlight to the promoters of these criminal groups as well as their propaganda machinery.

“Their source of finance must be targeted; those who run their propaganda machinery must be found and brought to book. The sponsors of these groups remain the oxygen for their activities. Take out the sponsors and within a few weeks, the remnants on the battlefield would have been finished off by our great military,” the statement said.