Every leader must have a vision, not just an aspiration. Before I joined the PDP, I looked at the current composition of leaders and their geniue love to want a change in the system, purposeful leadership and rebranding of the party. As a strategist myself, I looked into the future,looking over what can be done better if I bring in my skills as an analyst; and with purposeful leadership we will retake not just Ogun Central but Ogun state in general. 

Firstly, I needed to address the issue of public perception of the party. Is the party on ground ? Do we have visible offices / secretariat? What human capacity programmes do we run that touch lives directly without the normal ‘who know who’ syndrome 🤔. 

So my first task was to rent new offices / secretariat and renew existing rents provided the building was befitting of our party all across the 6 LGA in Ogun Central Senatorial District. 

Secondly, how do we give our party leaders/members purpose again.The power structure needed to be identified and enabled, members needed to be carried along and made to be part of the PDP story .Ward meetings needed to be encouraged and supported ,so was our first experiment. Moving ward 13 members out of the sun /rain to a secure hall for meetings and providing refreshments at meetings and really engaging them with party plans.

Every project we run ,goes through the party and members are made to take ownership so they can say that PDP is doing this and that to their friends and hopefully convert more people to the PDP idea .

Our Eye Project was meant to be our first trial of the ‘people inclusive programmes’ driven by party members. 

The vision is to make PDP a household name again and rebrand the lost image before and beyond 2023. 
Our PDP will not only rebrand but show real people oriented ideas that are simple to understand. 

Our back to school programme is such ..nothing complicated. We simply provide 60,000 exercise books to support parents when schools resume every session.

Our university scholarship project is simple ,just show us your admission letter and prove you are from Ogun Central...

Our women empowerment programmes is very simple ,show us your ward and your ward chairman signs off for you to be empowered ...

Making leadership simple and impactful is the purpose .