At least 1500 people benefitted from OLUMIDE JONES Eye project in Owode town of Obafemi Owode LG on Thursday 25th of Nov 2021.

It was observed that over 600 people were already on ground as early as 6pm even before the arrival of the official as the program was scheduled to commence at 9am.

At about 1pm, the venue was already filled up with people as the security personnel and the PDP leaders of the local government lead by the chairman himself trying to control the crowd to make sure all was in order.

The DJ was not left out of the program as he constantly gave out some good relaxing music to the crowdi.

It was confirmed that almost 300 cases of Cataract was confirmed as many consisted of old men and women in the crowd.

Also, everyone that came to the program went back home with a souvenirs as each person was given excersise books to take home with.

It was also gathered that the program was peaceful and well coordinated.