Some Community leaders and residents of Owode and it's environs has expressed their joy towards OLUMIDE JONES Eye project, describing it as a sincere and genuine philanthropist gesture.

Mr ogunwale,a community leader in Owode said that this is one of best philanthropist program he has seen and he is happy to be a part of it.

Another Community leader who spoke anonymously said that he want to appreciate Hon OLUMIDE JONES and PDP for this great program.

He described Hon OLUMIDE JONES as as a sincere man that can be trusted with political responsibilities.

He said, this is a man that has not occupied any office but deemed it fit to affect the people positively with a much needed program.

He said further that many people will be going around with projects not having direct impact on the people, needles projects....but this is one of a kind.

He said that as a community leader he and his people are ready to support PDP and Hon OLUMIDE JONES whenever they are needed and ask for Owode LG chairman to work together with him.

Over 1500 people benefitted from the program and about 300 Cataract patients have been booked for free surgeries; all expenses to be paid buy Hon OLUMIDE JONES