A Peoples Democratic Party (PDP chieftain in Ogun state Hon OLUMIDE JONES has described the APC led Government policies has the one against the poor and masses.

He said this during a phone interview with newsmen in Abeokuta, Ogun state Capital.

He said that it is obvious that the APC Government has no interest of the masses at heart, going by the way the government is being run and it's policies.

He said, with the level of hunger in the land and the policies that APC lead Government at all levels are making, it is obvious that they are oblivious of what the masses are going through.

The situation in the country is terrible, prices of goods are quite expensive and the people are rarely able to feed daily. It is becoming unbearable and the government seems to have lost control of the Governance he said.

We can not continue like this, the Government should wake up to tackle poverty and hunger in the land.

People are tired and have all lost hope in this Government he said.