.... _An Underserved Slap On Asiwaju Bola Tinubu_

While we are still celebrating the name of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to be announced as the flag bearer of our beloved party APC, the news circulating on social media about Mrs Folashade Tinubu-Ojo and the traders at the popular Oyingbo Ultra Modern Market will not be tolerated by the good people of this state. 

Pictures and videos going rounds has shown Oyingbo Market traders with placards while also demonstrating their displeasure and grievances upon the shutdown of the market by the Iyaloja General for 2weeks with no concrete and genuine reasons.

Sources said the Iyaloja General had demanded for #5million on the day of her last visit, meanwhile the market heads had earlier contributed in total #800,000 which the Iyaloja General tagged as her transportation cost to the market. She thereafter instructed that the market should remain locked until the #5M is paid by the poor traders.

Therefore, the immature move by Mrs Folashade Tinubu-Ojo to shutdown Oyingbo market for 14days with consumable goods worth over Fifty Million Naira (#50M) perished and still perishing should not be used against the person of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. The former governor's impeccable relationship with the masses over the years has set the right template for economic growth and political stability in the state. 

The national leader of APC is a builder of people, a political pathfinder and a detribalised Nigerian who will never support any of the market activities of Folashade Tinubu-Ojo as it is contrary to what he represents.

Asiwaju has contributed, in no small measure, to the economic growth of markets in the state and little wonder why over fifty (50) markets had been named after him. Folashade Tinubu-Ojo's dealings should be checked and the Lagos State's ministry saddled with the responsibilities of Market needs to send a warning signal to her. Asiwaju's name has already been written in gold and will not be tarnished by his uncultured daughter.

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the choice of the masses and negative news as such should be miles away from Asiwaju's person.

To be continue as the story unfolds.....

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Anonymous XWZ