Yewa South Legislative Council has charged the Head of Local Government Administration (HOLGA) to improve in their service delivery as their is no sign of progress since their inception in office. 

The leader of the house, Hon. Talabi Ola Safiu gave the charged during an interactive session with the HOLGA Chairman, Mr Olusesi Tajudeen at the legislative chamber in Yewa South local government, Ilaro, Ogun State.

Hon. Talabi explained that members of the council are not please with the way HOLGA handle legislative matters as it has bring set back for Yewa South as nothing to show of after several days in office.

The leader of the house maintained that the purpose of inviting HOLGA, chairman was to know the local government properties, revenue income and the expenditure.

In their respective remarks, the majority leader, Hon. Olugbemi Ayo, Hon. Olaifa Semiu, Hon. Yinusa Rasaq and other members of the legislative council said it's so disheartened that only Yewa South has nothing tangible to point at after marking 100 days in office, appealed to HOLGA to improve on their service delivery.

The members of the house while investigating on the property and revenue income and expenditure said the HOLGA Chairman should present a hardcopy of it for proper investigation.

The leader of the house therefore requested that HOLGA should repair the grader machine that is in the local government for them to further have improvement in there service delivery in their respective ward areas, adding that no contract should be renew without the consent of the legislative arm.

According to him "Since our inception into office in August 16 2021, we have not seen a sign of progress at all in the local government and even when we had the leaders meeting in Ogun state to give out report on our local government is very difficult because we've done nothing since our inception, and then since then nothing has been done to the legislative chamber except the only ID card we only have from them.

"The reason why we call the HOLGA is to come and tell us the income on our revenue since inception of our office till date and the expenditure so far"

What we brought forward before him is just an expression, expression of things because we want to know the details, the revenue income and the expenditure so far and can you see the conclusion now that they refer must of the things to the treasurer so to explain it to us but we've not dipping the answer but buy and large but we could had some little thing on the progress that's the reason why we invited the chairman himself to come and explain better to us here so that, maybe we can achieve one or two things from what he as just said today"

Our major request now lies on the one (1) he talks on the grader machine of the local government, so we want him to have the grader done in respective what over amount there going to spend on it we want it to be done, so that we are now in dry season, so that we can use it in every wards"

"It will improve the progress of the standard of the executive or the legislative of the local government, and even we talk of the office, you see our chamber here, look at the chairs,we are using the plastic chair, if you go to the offices you will see even a goat can not even sit in the office so they should please come to our aid to renovate the offices"

"On the issue of the contract, the contract has been awarded since January or February this year and we cannot do anything much on it till the end of this year, that's the reason why I told him for now any contract what so ever should not be renewed so without the consent of this legislative arm, so if you want to do anything on contract or any IGR it should have to be in consent with the legislatures so that we know, and even we want to contract anything out what's so ever the executive, we need to have a case study on that project before even contract it out", Hon. Talabi concluded.

On his parts, the HOLGA Chairman, Mr Olusesi Tajudeen while rolling out the total revenue generated from October to November said all their request in the service delivery will be look into.