Mubarak Salisu, who represents Ogun Central at the Nigeria Youth Parliament has applauded the youths in Nigeria over thier role in the developmentof Nigeria, describing them as productive and vital to the advancement of the country.

He made this known while fielding questions during a radio program in Abeokuta, the State capital, where he identified the efforts of the youth as a great contribution to the development that has been witnessed so far.

Salisu said that no society can sustain its development if the youths are not a part of the process of the development, adding that the Nigerian youths need to be more empowered with political leadership positions to express thier leadership skills and bring fresh ideas to the table.

He said, "Nigeria is blessed with a huge population of youths that have been contributing to the growth and development of the country in different ramifications. 

"The youth population is Nigeria's greatest and most strategic asset. Building a nation is an inter-generational endeavour that requires the input of all, hence the need for youths to continue to contribute thier quota to the nation.

"Investing in the youth is investing in the economic strength and development of our nation. We are not just the future of this country, we are the present as well, we must be involved in nation building through our participation in political processes because we have the energies needed to power this nation.

"If more youths participate in political processes, it will promote the inclusion of Youths in governance and ensure a well channeled engagement with the government on local and national issues.

"The youth age is the golden age of man, because progress is made by looking back. We are at the most developed time in the history of the world, and the future of our country will be defined by our innovation and participation in politics", he added.