Teacher Allegedly Makes Student Perform Oral Sex on Him to Gain Promotion

A secondary school teacher in Lagos has been exposed for allegedly making a female student perform oral sex on him, in order to gain promotion into a higher class.

According to an allegation made on social media by a man identified as Anisiobi Mezie, the teacher teaches at the Fazi-l-Omar School, Iwaya Lagos and he is already pestering the girl for sex after getting the initial request.

Mezie wrote:
I have a sexual abuse case of a 16year old I beg to look into. This 16year old girl just ends her apprenticeship under a friend of mine… And wrote her a letter in tears.

School name: Fazi-l-omar Location : iwaya area.

She got into a new school, and her maths teacher took advantage of the fact she’s not sound in the subject and threatened to fail her if she doesn’t comply.

Because of her non-compliance, she repeated a class. Currently in ss1 instead of ss2. She told my friend how scared she is... Even as her exams are coming up in a few weeks time. After she was forced 2 perform oral sex on him, he’s demanding sex now... Otherwise, he fails her AGAIN

The teacher’s name is Mr Ajayi Akintunde of Fazi-l-omar school iwaya.

I can’t imagine how many other victims this so-called Mr Ajayi Akintunde of FAZL-I-OMAR Senior High school has. &”the students and teachers are scared to voice out talkless of reporting him. @segalink kindly help out this young lady and many others from this sexual abuse.


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