INEC, Buhari As A Serial Thief And His Applauding Idiot

So the petition filed by Atikus team in court is going technical. INEC led by Professor Yakubu who unfortunately has soiled his inherited name is technically denying the results brandished by Atiku.

Note, its a technical denial.

INEC said "it didn't do electronic transmission or collation of results" 

According to Punch Newspaper "The INEC’s Director, Information and Communications Technology, Mr Chidi Nwafor, in his witness statement on oath attached to the reply, specifically denied the “server results” which the petitioners were laying claim to." He said results were manually transmitted. 

The same Nwafor seems to have forgotten what he said in 2017. According to a PremiumTimes report, Nwafor said whilst presenting a paper that 

“INEC has therefore decided to securely transmit results from all polling units to central database such that only viewing access is allowed at the wards and local government levels – which ultimately eliminates manual collation processes.”

The new e-collation system has four procedures, namely:

1. Results from polling units will be entered into the e-collation application on the smart card reader;

2. Results are transmitted to a central server;

3. Results are auto-collated and can be viewed at the RAs (wards) and ECA8s can be scanned at that level; 

4. and Result audit and confirmation takes place at collation centres at LGAs, state and national level.

Mr. Nwafor said the new system could be used for all elections, from local council polls which INEC conducts in the Federal Capital Territory to the presidential election."

Note that INEC in December 2018 eventually went silent on the transmission of voting results electronically due to the rejection of the bill by buhari himself.

This means that INEC was ready and able to electronically transmit results as at December 2018. 

In February during the presidential elections, results coming in from the polling units showed buhari lost the elections and failed to get even 25% mainly in some NC states and the whole of SE and parts of SW including Lagos.

The Social media buharideens went silent as it dawned on them buhari lost. Then PDP said INEC had shutdown the servers which PDP, APC and other major parties had a "view only" access to. The INEC chair then created a lacuna for results manipulations to begin by going silent on the intimidation and killings going on by soldiers deployed by buhari and the reports that INEC staff in areas where buhari lost were being held hostage and forced to authenticate fake results. Results essentially went dark for at least 48hrs such that when the televised collation began about 3 to 4 days after voting, the university professors and PHD holders were having visible troubles with simple arithmetic!

INEC forgot that whilst legally the electronic transmission of results was not recognised by law, the fact that INEC mandated the use of card readers which contained data on the number of accredited voters and total votes, means that the card readers are part of the electoral process and can be subpoena in court. 

Aside this, the INEC servers are also part of these evidence.

Cloud computing and  backing up data offsite has made data so resilient that a deliberately deleted data can still be forensically traced and atimes recovered. For a commission that has come out to deny Servers in its own domain, I expect them to further commit pejury by trying to physically destroying the computers but they should remember they had backups which had backups which had.....

There lies the technicality of an issue clapping idiots and a serial thief lack the capacity or knowledge to even make comments on. 

That buhari lost is no longer in contention, those who were compromised to carry out this shameless heist is what the court case will reveal. 

If INEC was not culpable in this rigging, why the delay in turning over voting materials to PDP as ordered by the courts? 

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