Read the Letter to Runs Girls Who Turn Motivational Speaker on Social Media

Joro Olumofin, a well-known relationship master via web-based networking media has handed out certain expressions of guidance to the 'runs young ladies' displaying themselves on social media.

In a letter to the 'runs young ladies' which he wrote today, 25th April 2019, Joro requested that they quit acting like they are powerful orator online entire displaying their material acquisitions without uncovering precisely what they did to succeed. 

The following is what he wrote: 

Do your Runs Girl work in peace. Please stop this Motivator / Motivational speaker act to these young girls who idolize and follow you. You’re recruiting runs girls like you directly and indirectly...
These assertions: “ I worked So hard, God did it for me, Look at God, anybody can make it, I’m just starting, small girl big God” are very misleading and inappropriate.
Don’t you think the men you’re sleeping with tell their inner circle friends and family who tell their own friends and family? Therefore your public success has an expiry date because a 5% know the truth. That 5% is growing gradually. 
1. I worked so hard? – which work, product, project, proposal did you work on or sell? Your Instagram page is full of flamboyant pictures of yourself and not a single promotion of a product or event you’re hosting. I guess you’re the product and your DM is the market hub. 
2. God saw me through- saw you through sleeping with numerous older men for money? 
3. Mathematics: your salary doesn’t match your lifestyle. Something is missing...
A self-made woman is a woman who uses her brains, degree, personality, vocational skills to make money. Not through sex...
Please Enjoy your money and stop this Motivational speaker nonsense. It’s like a Yahoo boy writing daily success memoirs on social media...
It’s Psychological, you have to mention “Hard work” and “God” so that you can reinforce it in your own Cognition that you’re what you hate the most. A cheat, a runs Girl.
Enjoy your money, buy your creams, nails, hair to promote your ministry but please leave social media motivation out of it. You don’t have the right to motivate the youths.

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