Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo state on Sunday, November 10, disclosed that he sold bread for his first 13 years of his life by the gate of Adeoyo state hospital, Ibadan.

The governor made reference to his humble background when he spoke at the 80th thanksgiving service of his mother, Abigael Makinde, at St Paul Anglican Church, Yemetu, Ibadan.

He said the significant role education had played in his life prompted him to declare free education in Oyo state, The Tribune reports.

The governor said he wanted residents of the state to gain the benefits of being educated. He urged parents to be much concerned about the education of their children or wards.

“For the first 13 years of my life, where we lived was not more than five minutes to where we are now. My mum was a Telephone Operator in the state secretariat. At Adeoyo State Hospital here, I and my brother Muyiwa also used to help her sell bread by the gate of Adeoyo State Hospital,” he said.

He said a child who used to sell bread has become a governor because of proper education.