Bambam and Teddy A have once again taken to social media to refute claims of domestic violence in their marriage

This comes after social media users reacted to a new photo of Bambam in which many believed she had a black eye

 In a recent Instagram Live video, the couple hilariously addressed the rumours with Bambam appearing without makeup to prove she didn't have a black eye

2018 BBNaija couple, Bambam and Teddy recently took to social media to deny claims of domestic abuse in their marriage with Bambam being the victim.
Nigerians on social media were buzzing with mixed reactions earlier when the new mum shared a photo of her post-baby body. However, many people who saw the photo seemed to believe she had a black eye.
The rumours immediately went round the internet with accusing fingers pointing at Teddy A. However, the couple wasted no time in refuting these rumours.

In the video, Bambam who appeared bare-faced without any makeup, did in fact not have any black eye and she jokingly asked her husband about the black eye.