Hands-Off In Ogun PDP Crisis, Kashamu Tells Fayose

Speaking of the crisis in Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) raging in Ogun State, a leader of the party, Senator Buruji Kashamu has reiterated his readiness to reconcile and work with all the members of the party to ensure it success.

Senator Kashamu who made this known while addressing Journalists in Lagos accused former governorship Aspirant, Hon. Ladi Adebutu for using the crisis to his financial advantage.

Senator Kashamu who was the gubernatorial candidate for PDP in the 2019 general elections also accused the former governor of Ekiti State Ayodele Fayose as one influencing Adebutu to destroy the party.

He explained that if not because of Ladi Adebutu arrogance, there is no reason why we will not be in government in Ogun State today. But because of his arrogance and he believed he has arrived, he believed he can betray anybody like Engr. Dayo betrayed me.

According to him "If he Adebutu can asked Dayo to betray me, he should know that Dayo can do the same, but the two of them are almost the same. If you remember, it was our group that gave Ladi Adebutu ticket to become member of House of Representatives which of course he won with all the supports we gave to him."

Kashamu who accused Ekiti former Governor, insisted  that Fayose should keep to Ekiti, and remove his hand in Ogun State matter. “How can he be putting his mouth in the crisis in Ogun when he is facing lot of problems in Ekiti State, he lamented.

His words “I believe that everyone has been following the situation in Ogun state since Adebayo Dayo betrayed the structure and the people behind the structure. It is very simple, Adebayo has been with us for good 10 years, he got all what he supposed to have, he has achieved a lot of things in his time since he got to that position.

“Before he became a party chairman, Adebayo Dayo was an hunter, he was zero; he came with only house which he did not even finish at that time, but he left with about almost eight houses. When it remain one month for him to leave that position, he decided to sell the structure to Ladi Adebutu and betray everyone of us.

“When we lost the election, I have to stay behind to put my things in order because I lost a lot of money. Like for good four years, I have been fighting to put the party together while Ladi Adebutu on the other side are doing everything to break the party, Kashamu added.

“At the end of the day during the election, I was at the law side while he was at illegality side with the national. When the law say it is this, they will say this is contrary to the law. We have to fight to the last minute when the INEC decided who to be candidate or not.

According to the senator “It was not up to three months that he got there that he started fighting with the structure up till today because he want to become a governor. He has never called me one day to tell me that he wanted to become a governor or for me to say maybe I don’t want to follow or support him.

“But, if he has never told me he wanted to become a governor and he believed that because his father has money, the only thing to do is for him is to use power of that money when I am not a poor person,” he said.

Furthermore, he affirmed that for him to use that power of money to betray him because his own best friend that he met, Fayose is now supporting him. “Fayose used him in order to destroy the foundation of the structure that was built in South-West. I refused to be betrayed by him and that is why the problem continue till today.

“There is no reason for us to lose that election if it is not because of his continuation of his betrayal. We are in court and we both agreed that let us work together and anybody that win the case will take over later. Two days before the election, they delivered the judgement in Abeokuta, then he packed all his supporters to APM to sign an agreement with them, he concluded.


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