Oyo Governor Seyi Makinde has said cases of coronavirus in iSon Xperiences has messed up the state in its COVID-19 fight.
The Governor, who did not state if any sanction would be melted out to the organisation, however said the state would do all within its powers to contain spread of the virus.
166 staff of iSon Xperiences, a call centre that services MTN and Airtel, accounted for 252 of the cases in the state.
Makinde, who spoke during a live interaction on the State-owned Broadcasting station, Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State (BCOS) as parts of events to mark the first year anniversary of his administration, lamented the situation.
According to him: “iSon has messed up our effort in the fight against Covid-19 but we are not resting on our oas in the fight and we will ensure we do all within our powers to contain the spread of the virus in the state.”
He added his administration was not towing the path of some states investing in building temporary isolation and treatment centres but collaborating with willing partners by upgrading existing facilities and equipping same to meet up the purpose of serving as isolation and treatment centres.

Such facility, the Governor noted, will be decontaminated post-Covid-19 and used as additional facilities for the treatment of other ailments and hospital wards.
He assured such measure will help to improve the health system of the state in the long run instead of spending scare resources of temporary efforts that may not be useful post COVID-19.
He added: “Lagos could use any facility as isolation centres because it got N10b from the Federal Government but Oyo state didn’t get any money from the FG and our own policy is that anyone who wants to help us can give us funds and materials and we will renovate our existing facilities so that post Covid-19, the facilities will be decontaminated and used as upgraded facilities to treat other ailments and improve healthcare services.
“Our local governments have accumulated up to about N13b into local government coffers since we denied them access to the account which was why some people are hell bent on taking over the council administration at all cost.
“I can only appeal to them all, being my friends, to join hands with the current administration and put a hand in the ongoing development of the state.”
Noting that the state decided to share palliatives to support the poorest of the poor and vulgar lies in the state, the Governor noted that the N500million committed into buying the palliatives were channelled into the state economy by purchasing the items from local producers in the state.
“When we were putting together the palliatives, we approved about N500m to buy food stuffs but I insisted that the people involved must patronise our local producers of the food stuffs. The idea is to ensure that the money is rechannelled back into the state economy.
“The state is in talks with interested partners on how to put the Ikere-Godge dam for irrigation, fishing and electricity purposes.”