A former senator representing Ogun East, Buruji Kashamu has cried out to the Ogun state police over an alleged threat to life by Bayo Dayo, a former chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party in the state.  

Kashamu disclosed this in a petition written to the Commissioner of Police in the state, Kenneth Embrimson complained that Bayo Dayo had personally threatened to kill him either in Lagos or whenever he step his feet  Into his home town in Ijebu-Igbo. 

He alleged that it became necessary to raise concern following the antecedent of the former PDP chairman.  

The PDP chieftain also expressed concern that many PDP leaders have been living in fear over the alleged threat. 

He added that the PDP leaders including himself have been receiving several threat messages from unknown numbers.  

His petition reads partly, "following the suspension of Engr. Dayo as State Chairman, many leaders and elders of the PDP in Ogun State and members of the State Working Committee/State Executive Committee have been living in fear of being attacked. 

"Some of us have been seeing strange faces and unregistered vehicles trailing us lately. At other times, we get strange calls from unknown numbers, warning us to be careful or else we would be dealt with.  

"Since they could not have their way, credible information at my disposal shows that Engr. Dayo and his allies have been threatening to attack us either directly or by proxies.

"Although Engr. Dayo had personally threatened to kill me either in Lagos or whenever I step my feet into my home town in Ijebu-Igbo, I never took it to heart until I remembered that a fellow party member, Samuel Olayinka Soneye had warned me to beware of Engr. Dayo because of his murderous antecedents.

"Soneye told me of how Engr. Dayo personally shot and killed one Titilayo Poroye during his fight to become the traditional ruler of Japara, Ijebu-Igbo, Ogun State. 

"A reprisal attack that followed, I was further informed, led to the death of Engr. J. Ola Oduyemi and Olola Ogunnaike. When dust settled on the brawl, three people had been killed. Kindly refer once more to Soneye’s voluntary statement referenced above

"I am also aware that Engr. Dayo has threatened to kill a certain Rasaq Bakare, who worked closely with his son for seven years, if he dared to reveal all that his son, Bola, had acquired with the monies he stole from me.

"Engr. Dayo is always armed with pump action and other rifles that he keeps in his house in Japara, Ijebu-Igbo and its environs. He keeps the guns under the guise of being a hunter. But, we all know the kind of guns that hunters should have and even at that they should obtain licence for them.

"It was one of his many guns that he used to kill one Titilayo Poroye in broad-day light as revealed in the Soneye’s statement.

"History and facts have shown that crime and criminalities run in Dayo’s family. Engr. Dayo’s father was popularly known as “Baba Fadiya” which is an euphemism for a rapist. He was known for committing incest and defiling underage girls. Both Chief Dayo and his son, Bola have inherited the same criminal tendencies which are manifesting in various ways such as stealing, betrayal and fraudulent conversion of other people’s properties to theirs. 

"All the above witnesses have sworn to affidavits and made statements to the Police. They are willing to testify in court and support the law enforcement agencies in their investigations. 

"Further to his desperate moves, Engr. Dayo has gone diabolical. He goes from the house one juju man to the other mentioning my name and mother’s name to juju men in Japara, Ijebu-Igbo. He wants them to kill me through diabolical means. Two of the juju men that he has gone to are Ifa Sunday and Landlord. This was confirmed to me by Olayinka Soneye (a.k.a Sugar) and other people in Ijebu-Igbo.

"I humbly urge the security agencies to invite these juju men for justice. In the alternative, Soneye can take them to their houses. I stand on the power of Almighty Allah sub hanna wata ala for protection and safety."

Speaking on the petition written by Bayo Dayo against him,  Kashamu said, "what is clearly an afterthought and a belated counter-move meant to divert attention from the weighty allegations against him, he told people that he has written petitions to the Ogun State Command of the State Security Service (SSS), alleging threat to his life, and that he would teach me the lesson of a life time.

"He has now made good his threats through the petitions written by his lawyer, Chief Adebiyi Odugbesan, who is also my lawyer. He confirmed to me that he has written petitions to the Inspector-General of Police, Director-General of the State Security Service and the Ogun State Command of DSS. But, I told him that his action was unethical because he knows the truth of the whole matter. I reported Engr. Dayo to him (Chief Adebiyi Odugbesan) and told him all that he has done. Upon hearing my account of the whole matter, he condemned Engr. Dayo for his actions.

"He want to use the petitions to protect himself and cover his criminal antecedents and actions as a case of alibi in order to assassinate me. 

"You may wish to call for the statement he made to the Police at the Divisional Police Office in Ijebu-Igbo, Ogun State in order to identify the missing links and his belated moves and after In spite of all these, the suspended Chairman and his co-travellers have been meeting and purportedly taking decisions on behalf of the State Working Committee/State Executive Committee whereas by a letter dated 3rd of March, 2020, to the law firm representing the Ogun State PDP Executive, Engr. Dayo himself listed the authentic members of the State Working Committee. 

"This is a clear case of deceit, impersonation and forgery meant to cause confusion and mislead unsuspecting members of the public

"All these usurpers should be invited and questioned on why they are impersonating the real members of the Ogun State Working Committee of the PDP. 

"They have also been going about saying the Ward, Local Government and State congresses never held when they are in no position to make such declaration. Nothing could be further from the truth, as the Ward, Local Government and State Congresses were held on the 7th of March, 2020, 21st of March, 2020 and 3rd of April, 2020 respectively.

"Their outlandish claim is meant to prepare the grounds for their planned invasion of the state party secretariat on IBB Boulevard, Oke-Mosan, Abeokuta, with armed thugs and hoodlums who will maim and kill innocent party members, workers and officials.

"I wish to respectfully urge you to confront them with all these evidence and asked why he and others are carrying out acts of impersonating and fraud with intent to cause chaos in Ogun State. Failure to offer satisfactory justification should make them to be prosecuted for conspiracy, fraud, impersonation and conduct likely to cause a breach of public peace accordingly.

The former senator also raised concerned over an alleged security operatives attached to the former PDP chairman.  

According to Kashamu,  it has also been brought to my attention that four armed policemen have been attached to Engr. Dayo and he goes about our community in Ijebu-Igbo and its environs terrorising the people under the protection of the policemen.
He further said, "he is boasting and telling anyone who cares to listen that he has paid the authorities to keep the policemen with him for as long as he wants and that anyone who crosses his path will be severely dealt with by his armed policemen.

"According to the Police Act, Engr. Dayo is neither a Very Important Personality (VIP) nor is he a public or political office holder. He is also not business entrepreneur, a multi-national organisation or corporate individual or entity. Therefore, he does not meet the basic requirement for the attachment of police escorts.

"He claims that upon his application for police escorts, the Adebutus intervened and helped him to sort it. I do not know how far true this is. Hon. Ladi Adebutu told his political associates that Engr. Dayo’s application for Policemen was refused. But, he (Adebutu) had to give Dayo four policemen from the ones attached to their family and/or businesses. This is clearly an illegal act and abuse of privilege that should not be condoned and allowed to continue.

"You may wish to use your good offices to investigate how he got the Police escorts attached to a killer that can cause problem and endanger the lives of the innocent policemen.

The PDP stalwart concluded saying, "it is in the light of the above that we wish to respectfully urge you to use your good offices to invite Engr. Dayo and their cohorts, investigate the allegations against them and if found culpable, charge them to court for impersonation, forgery, threats to life and acts capable of breaching public peace.

"They should also be made to give an undertaking not to attack party officials, leaders and members after the lock down, just as they stay clear of the Party Secretariat until they purge themselves of violent tendencies.

"Kindly note that the DSS has been directed by the Federal High Court in Abeokuta to maintain status quo antebellum (i.e. to maintain the situation of things before the matter was brought to court which is the emergence of the Hon. Samson Bamgbose-led new Ogun State PDP Executive).

"Specifically, the court, on the 24th of April, 2020, ordered in Suit FHC/AB/CS/44/2020 that, “…the parties shall respect the principle of lis pendens and maintain status quo antebellum pending the hearing and determination of the Applicants’ Motion on Notice which is already filed before this court.” (ANNEXURE  23).

"Therefore, the DSS has a duty to ensure that parties comply with the orders of the court and not allow anyone to resort to self-help until the determination of the matter in court.

"While I trust that you will treat this petition with the urgency and the best professional attention that it deserves, kindly accept the assurances of my highest regards, always."