Former Oyo state governor’s daughter, Abisola Kola-Daisi has taken to social media to celebrate her dad on Father’s Day.
The Fashionista took to her Instagram page to share a photo of her self and dad as she says of the names he is called her favorite is “Dad”
She captioned the photo;
“Amongst all the positions or titles you’d ever get, my favourite is DAD.
God gave me such a great gift when he gave me you for a father.
“My dad taught me so many of the important things I know today and as I reminisce on every moment, I am counting my blessings.
I am so lucky to be your daughter. Thank you for ALWAYS showing up when we need you.
“Happy Father’s Day Daddy. Amidst everything going on, I’m choosing to remain centred and at peace, knowing that everything I have prayed for is manifesting. We all know how this ends, GOD WINS!”