The Organised Labour Civil Society in Ogun State has disclosed that the citizens of Ogun State need enforcement in order to adhere to government's directives on the Covid-19 order.

This was a submission of the association Chairman Comrade Emmanuel Bankole while leading his monitoring team to Ota  on sensitisation exercise on Friday. 

He lamented that the general overview of the compliance is below average and he is going to file a comprehensive report about what he found on the field to the Deputy Governor who is the chairperson of the task force in the state. 
According to Bankole "The level of compliance is very low, and there is no serious sign of enforcement . We know our terrain, if there is no sign of enforcement,  we won't get anywhere. 

"Most of the market leaders are helpless and They want the government to assist them too . 

"It cannot be a once and for all thing,  sharing garri,  rice and go to sleep will not solve it,  they need to do more. 

"Planning is very important,  it's obvious that there is no adequate planning, major stakeholders were not involved.They need to go back to the drawing board and do a lot  more of awareness,  and sensitizations.

 "For what  we have seen,  we have a long way to go.  If we are really serious , we need to do a lot more .

"What we have done  at the state level , we have the situation room in all the local governments in the state . Today we went to two companies, what we saw there was okay and we encourage them to keep it up" he said. 

The State Chairperson of National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives(NANNM), Comrade (Nurse) Roseline Solarin  said  "the people are not complying very well to the government directives and this really account for the increase that we are seeing day by day. 

 "If they fail to comply,  the rate of infection will be very high and we have a lot of people to really deal with in the hospital , that's why our movement today we want the government to know what they really need to do . 

"They need to do a lot of monitoring and enforcement . Infact some of the market leaders also requested for it . Anytime there's any law,  they will want to do whatever they like but if there's is an enforcement and people comply,  it will actually reduce the number of covid-19 that we are seeing in the state . 

"It is the duty of all of us,  the government,  the masses everybody as to pay their own quota,  even at the hospital setting,  some of our medical expert also getting infected and this is not good enough.  If those who are taking care of the people that has this covid-19 are infected,  then what is going to happen thereafter, those who are to take care of them will not be able to . 

"In other to reduce the workload of those who are taking care of them we really need to do a lot of enforcement . Enforcement is what we need. 

" I learnt that there is a law now that if you fail to put on your facemask you can be charged. And so if we can go to our market places and ensure that they use facemask and keeping social distance .

" Is not only the market,  very soon the government will look at how they are going to open religious places,  schools and a lot has to be done in that aspect. If they will have to open the schools now they really need to test the teachers first just to be sure that the teacher are not infected. 

"What we need in Ogun State now is adequate monitoring and enforcement. 

"Is not as if lock down is better than keeping social distancing,  lockdown has it own purpose , the purpose of lock down is to keep people safe in their various homes while government plan on what they need to do. During the period of lock down,  they have to look at Schools before it is open , the school as to be fumigated,  the number of students that will come to the school . Like I said enforcement is what really matters. 

Government can't do this alone,  they need to involve the union,  administrators,  private sectors to be part of the committee so that they can advice them .

The lockdown supposed to be a period of planning for the government. 

"Now we are having more of community transmission . My advice is that any patients that comes to the emergency room,  they should do a rapid test on them so that they would be able to track anyone that has this covid -19 . 

"If all the patient in the hospital are properly screened, they would be able to track those who are infected and take them to the their appropriate quarters rather than after it  is late that they will now discover the virus in them " She concluded. 

The Iyaloja of Ota market Chief Mrs Adeyemo Adeogun said "we have taken some steps , I bought a soap so that people will wash their hands before they enter the market.

" I told everyone to make use of facemask and maintain social distancing both sellers and buyers . Those people that doesn't use face mask should be arrested" she concluded .