I Will Regret Coming To This Life If I Did Not Do Music- Popular Juju Musician, Kaykay Scoring

Can We Meet You Sir?

I am Olanrewaju Folarin, popularly known as KayKay Scoring(Oba Orin),  I am a musician (Live band)

Can you tell us your educational background?

I studied computer science in university of agriculture, Abeokuta and i finally had my Bsc in criminology at NATIONAL OPEN UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA,
where  i studied criminology and securities because it has been my dream to know much about Nigeria Criminal Law but i have passion for music and doing it always give me joy
I will surely regret coming to this life if i didnt do music or have my band
Q: Why did you say you will regret coming to this life if you dont do music or have your band?

A: Because of the stong  passion i have for music, its not an ordinary one. I didnt just jump into it. I love it that is.

Q: How do you become a musician?

A: I never knew singing would be my profession . I am a pianist and i do produce music . But i got to a level in life i decided not to be under anyone so i started my band .

Q: For how long have you been in the industry?

A: Have been into music since 2002 but started my band few years ago .
Q : What are your challenges so far?

A : Every profession has its own challenges . We all know anytime musician goes to show especially open ground despite giving the touts money they would still want to harm us and obtain from us . When i started my band , friends and some people said i cant do it so they dont always turn up in my JUMP either they would go to a popular musician having JUMP same day . I got discouraged and sometimes i would sing and there wouldnt be enough money but i keep the good work going and thank God today, those that doesnt like me or want to hear me singing tnow call me OBA ORIN. God has been so faithful . The only challenges now is i cant go out anyhow and hang around in bar because i am well known now to avoid some stress and disturbance and i dont see that has challenges its my way of avoiding stress and disturbance being a public figure

Q: Are your parents in suppport of your music career?

A: My parents are into music and my mother is a gospel singer popular know as Evangelist Anna Shokunbi ( Ododo Jesu ) . My parent gave me full support from on set

Q: How can compare today's musicians with that of the past ones, Are you people performing better than them?

A : We can do better than them if we know what we are doing . I sing juju music and repertoire but all the same i have over 50 composed songs of mine which are evergreen . As i do sing music that are in vogue as to see huge money from fans, i do also do good compositions in my albums for future purpose and all my composed songs are evergreen . We have different kind of artistes , but i kaykay scoring i will keep doing research about music and i will never be lazy and will keep composing good music. See the life or King Sunny Ade and Evangelist Obey Fabiyi , they are still eating from their good labor because they got evergreen music.
With the population of musicians in the country how  have you been sustainning your clients?

Have built my own clients since have joined the industry and i always do instagram online show and i keep getting more fans online and on instagram and i do showcase my business online so it is really working !!

How has coronavirus affected your music career?

Not only me, it has really affected most musicians and entertainers. We are begining to lose stage strength and our rehearsals is not going oftenly  . But with the support of our dear fans we are able to realize some money on our instagram live shows.

Q: Are you really getting enough from online show?

A: Online show doesnt pay us at all but we have no choice than to do it instead of being at home doing nothing, we have missed Stage strength, huge money we use to realise  and opportunity meeting new fans in different events
Q: Your advice to the young ones?

A:  They  should not be be discouraged and get tired, no matter what, they should build themselves musically and not to believe in spiritual support for their music career because it will not last.


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  1. Best man in the game.
    Got a lot of respect for u mentor to many

  2. My mentor for life

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