China has restored lockdown in some parts of Beijing as well as travel restrictions in the wake of a new surge of coronavirus cases as people fear the beginning of a new wave. 
On Tuesday, June 16, an unnamed city official said that the present Covid-19 cases in Beijing are “extremely severe”, Daily Mail reports. It should be noted that China heavily brought coronavirus under control as it carried out massive testing earlier in the year. The country is now faced with the dilemma of combatting the new virus or keeping its economy open. 

The media noted that countries like New Zealand are in the same situation.

 The new cases in Beijing have risen to 106 as authorities put more than 30 communities in the city on lockdown. According to officials, the new outbreak is linked to a very popular food wholesale market called Xinfadi. 
With the new development, testing has been increased to 90,000 per day. A virologist at Wuhan University, Yang Zhanqiu, said the new virus could be more infectious.