Holy Spirit Inspires My Good Music- Nigerian Gospel Singer, Olaosebikan Oluwadamilola

 Olaosebikan Oluwadamilola is one of the promising Nigerian Gospel singers who has been doing great in the industry. She has a unique voice and her songs have been so interesting. 

In an exclusive interview with OSoba Olajide she said  every song that comes out of her mouth was planted by the Holy Spirit, read the interview below and get more 

Q: Can we meet you ma?

Ans: My name is Olaosebikan Oluwadamilola.  I hailed from Imale, Ayetoro Ogun State. I am  based  in Lagos State. 

Q: Can you tell us your educational background?

Ans: I am a graduate of  Political Science from National Open University.

Q: What do you do ?

Ans: I am a Gospel Music Minister

Q: For How long have you been singing?

Ans:   I have been singing since when I was a teenager in my local church but I started professionally in 2019 when I released my First Single 'Lover of my soul' And also performed  on the same stage with other notable Gospel Ministers  Such as Luigi MaClean, Big Bolaji, Tosin Bee, Wole Oni and Uncle Ben (project fame) So I would say I started professionally 2019
Q: What inspires you to sing?

Ans: I get my Inspiration from the Holy Spirit,

Q: How are you inspired by the holy spirit?

Ans: I get most of my songs in the place of Worship, And I believe so much that it is God that inspires me.

How many  tracks Have You Released?

Ans: As I have said before  I released my Debut Single  ' Lover of my Soul' on November 11th, 2019, My 2nd single 'JESU OMO OLORUN' ft Tosin Bee was released May 1st, 2020 and my Third single 'AKA' was released August 1st, 2020..

Q: Who are your mentors?

Ans: I actually have two people I am looking up to, the first person is Kerra Shead on International level and Tope Alabi on the Local level. Am really looking forward to featuring Tope Alabi soon.

Q: People use to say that  the hip hop artistes are more successful than the gospel singers. What is your view on this?

Ans: Success depends on different peoples opinions, My definition of Success is being Fulfilled in Whatever you are doing and I am Very Fulfilled as A Gospel Singer

Q: Why not circular songs?

Ans: Like I said earlier I received my Inspiration From God, so there is no way I can receive  inspiration from God and use it for circular music, since I don't do it, I really don't pay more attention to it. Gospel Music edify one's Body, Spirit and Soul.

What is your selling point?

Ans: My voice 😁😁😁

Q: What makes you different from others?

Ans: Just like our Fingerprints is different. We all receive Differently from God and that makes us unique in our own way

Q: what is your advice to the upcoming gospel artistes?

Ans: My Advice to Upcoming Gospel Artists is that they should put God first and  never relent or Give up on their dream and calling

Q: Finally, what is happening in Gospel music industry that you don't like ?

Ans: Seriously what disturbs my heart mostly is  Gospel Music Ministers Mimicking Circular Artistes in their exact Beat, by sounding exactly the same way with Circular Artistes


  1. Ur last answer bothers me too...
    Many av really forgotten d real meaning if d word " GOSPEL" nd it's origination, so dey do wat ppl want to hear not wat God wants us to do... Mindless dat dat d Gospel isn't for everyone.


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