By- Comrade Abayomi Arabambi

This video clip where Ladi says this emphatically is currently being pushed onto the internet as a further infantile celebration of the death of the Late Senator.

To many who are of course very lacking in the capacity and discipline to refuse and refrain from the  accepted religious and known tradition of not talking Ill of the dead are finding it fashionable to write into condolences , the bitterness of  business , political and personal enmity  these days.

 It is very obvious to see the weaknesses and feelings of very many layers of defeats suffered in the very many political and business disputations from the late political and business giant , Senator Prince Buruji Kasamu. 

In his warped sense of expressing his joy over the death of the late Senator who had fought, worn and worsted Ladi Adebutu political dynasty, he incompetently wrote a  hidden feeling of elation to gloat over the death of one who was his worst nightmare in the whole of his life.

 When some people choose to gloat over the death of another, one wonders if they believe they also as creatures wouldn't die and do they as well probably think they are in the know of when , where and how they would die ?.

 For those who are interested in saying evil of the dead , it is left for them to carry as their chosen crosses and I wish them what they deserve.

Ladi Adebutu has once again shown his lack of good leadership capacity by the cheap and so silly expression of some fulfillment by the death of the great political and business giant to encourage him to gloat over his death in public. It is in the spirit of a very dead personality , very indecent and truly dishonourable human being to write so much very gloatingly over the death of someone who was engaged in and defeated you in business political disputations while alive. 
It is a sign of unmanliness and shows the depth of your shameful and cheap character.

 It would be incorrect to conclude this piece without citing the awkward and bitter and childish curses rained on Senator Buruji Kasamu as a reaction to their family business  being worsted by Buruji's  business as a competitor in a business deal in respect of the lotto business pioneered by Ladi's respected father.

In the ensuing struggle for the control of the lotto business , a lot of facts were made public that showed the Adebutu family business as totally unpatriotic failing to remit Government dues running into billions of Naira that the Government had to lay claim to from the defaulting Adebutu family business.

 It is quite amazing and confounding to find Ladi Adebutu in a video clip raining curses on Senator Buruji Kasamu for causing their family the unexpected during the build up to 2019 Governoship election even saying in affirmative that the Senator will die after voting for PDP 

The Late Senator Buruji Kasamu did his patriotic duty by pointing out the level of financial scam the Adebutu family had inflicting on the Country, thus bleeding the Nation of billions of Naira.

This video clip where Ladi says this emphatically is currently being pushed onto the internet as a further infantile celebration of the death of the Late Senator . Even a toddler would be sober and wouldn't be proud of being callously unpatriotic like Ladi Adebutu 

Like every human creature , we are all inevitable due to die, only no one knows the time and where the death will come, so for any childish - adult to gloat over the death of someone is clearly a proof of stunted mental growth.

 The question then arises if the death of the Senator was as a result of both the public and hidden curses from the Ladi  Adebutu that killed the patriotic Buruji.

Besides the above , two other press stories were caused to be written and press interviews with people granted by the Adebutu family , one through Segun Adebutu and the other through the highly respected Papa Adebutu , in which the family firmly and strongly held Buruji Kasamu as a bitter enemy rather than as a business competitor or a political opponent . Rather it was unlimited expression of very bitter enmity from the family.

The public should be told , if it is what the family wants to be believe that they are responsible for the death of Senator Buruji Kasamu.

 The Senator died just only a few hours and the Adebutu family and their in- law , OBJ , has come out to vehemently and bitterly made public statements to soil the patriotic name the deceased left behind.
 This is worth quality time consideration by the public.

This piece becomes necessary because of the manner Ladi Adebutu and bunch of money missed road political family has been gloating over and celebrating the death of a noble citizen and a very pleasant Nigerian political Giant.


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