By Comrade Abayomi Arabambi

The late Senator Buruji Kasamu was Esho Jinadu to some , to very many  he was Oga and to million others , he was simply PRINCE.

Senator Buruji Kasamu  was a man endowed with huge physique and a very brilliant mind.

 He was a single man like several men rolled into one man . He made numerous indelible marks in very many fields of  fields of human endeavours which nothing can obliterate.
 His positive impacts in business ,politics,  philanthropy etc can never be obliterated. His major electric and volcanic impact  was felt by all either by choice or even by the impracticality of remaining neutral.
 In his life time , one single political sneeze from Buruji reverberates right through the Nation and even beyond. The state where he was the leading leader of his party is Ogun State , it is very important to mention that , Ogun State and her politics do have very unlimited effect on the general character of the National politics.
Senator Buruji Kasamu was not a green horn when he happened in the Nigerian political space. He had become a political power wielder and a broker since his involvement in the politics of Benin Republic , a neighbouring Nation where he was a very political ally of the then Nations President who by the support of SPBK defeated a long ruling incumbent President.
In Nigeria , being a man widely known and respected , his entry into the polity was like as a hot knife enters into butter because the fame of his electoral capacity has preceded him . He was immediately very close to the Nigerian President , Chief Olusegun Obasanjo who was because of his naive and wrong interpretation of Buruji's cooperation with him to conclude that Buruji was a robot who he could manipulate to do any and all of his (OBJ's) biddings even at the risk of him completely closing his eyes to principles .
 Expectedly , at least to those who have not lost touch with reason , some little disagreements on many ideas turned into bigger and more complex disagreements that eventually made Buruji to become the engine that finally and firmly retired OBJ from both the State and National politics.

 His death is comparable to the fall of the proverbial Elephant. In his life time , he was so many things so many diverse  people , father, law -  lecturer , teacher in  adjudication , a real prolific fighter for human rights in every issue, employer , benefactor , leader and a philanthropist of no mean caliber . His followers are immense  beneficiaries from his wealth of personal experience and exposure. Most got vastly educated in various lessons of life and living.

He was a man to who giving came to very naturally without any form of make - believe antics. In his lifetime , Senator Prince Buruji Kasamu never lost one court case . To his enviable and truly kindly nature , lots of individuals who are great men in their own rights have testified in numerous public statements to his uncommon and very incomparable capacity for high - grade generosity. The greatness of the man Buruji was found in the manner he related to his followers , the young and the less privileged ones as well as his political and corporate subordinates . He was so easily and quickly accessible to all.

His relationship and respects for elders was legendary.
Political leadership is not about riches , age , ambition , ego nor individualism rather it is strictly dependent on the individual capacity , on  intelligence , honesty , capability , competence and of course sincerity and inclination to fair play topped by the grace of God.
Senator Buruji Kasamu was one politician who was acknowledged across all the divides as a political leader who derived his enormous electoral value ,  worth and across - the - board acceptance from his strict inclination and love for justice and loyalty in all of his political engagements with his being a first class robust team player through all he did as an exemplary political leader . He was one politician who did not flaunt his riches , did not purchase temporary, vague and slavish loyalty.
 Senator Buruji Kasamu joined the PDP at a time the party was engulfed in serious disputes all over the various States. Immediately he was made the principal mobiliser for the South West , his roaring and open  successes at engineering peace in the party became a household fact of discussion.

 At one time almost simultaneously with his entrance into the party , some very big names in his State decamped to encamp in a different party with a great gap and collosal vacuum in the party . The other set of leaders who didn't decamp remained to become a pack of serious distraction for progress in the party. He through the grace of God and numerous court cases and political manoeuvres won through.

In that election year , he as one , single handedly rebuilt the party in Ogun State with his own personal resources , of course in his own image. He returned an impressive number of winnings that shocked his political traducers . From there on , it was a ding dong and recycled crisis in the PDP , his party and to the glory of God , he was never at any point worsted by the intra party opposition.
Then came that very eventful year in 2014 when those who had earlier left came back to the party sealed with a unification rally at the State Capital , Abeokuta.

Among those who returned were Ladi Adebutu who was to later be given the slot to contest on the party platform , this singular opportunity gave him the opportunity to win a seat in the NASS as House of Representatives member. Another person was Sehin Adekoya known as Attacker who also got elected into the membership of the House of Representatives in the NASS and so many more. This very magnanimous Buruji facilitated all of that .

At the period his death was imminent he was involved in yet another bitter dispute with the Ladi Adebutu group for the control of the party . Buruji and his authentic PDP has severally been adjudged by many levels of the Court as the recognised PDP by the law and thus officially by the Ogun State INEC.
It will not be much appreciable if this piece is concluded without putting on record the yeoman's efforts at very great inconveniences that Buruji made to truly reconcile the party in Ogun State despite his unchallengeable control of the party.

 Unfortunately , all these enviable and commendable efforts were rendered impossible by the combination of the forces of the National PDP led by Secondus , the very shameful and treacherous roles of Elder Akinhanmi and the "Akebaje one" from Iperu . This was later to be compounded by the ugliness and the father of all ever known treacheries by Dayo Bayo , the expelled State Chairman of PDP in Ogun State.

 You came , you saw and you conquered @ Senator Prince Buruji Kasamu . You left this sinful world in a blaze of glory. May God grant you eternal rest .
 I personally pay my respects to your very astounding and  gracious business and political leadership . You are a Distinguished father and astute political leader
Filling the political vacuum your left behind will be very difficult to filled by anyone

Good Night Boss

Comrade Gentleman ARABAMBI

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