The executive of Yoruba Afenifere Youth Organization of Nigeria, Ogun State Chapter, under the leadership of Sodeinde Daniel has felicitated with Nigerian, Ogun and Yoruba youths  as the world marks another International Youth Day today. 

Amidst the celebration today, the proactive Yoruba Organization, YAYON charges the government of the Federation and the State to embrace the new and bold development of the Amotekun Corps which was just launched by the Ondo State government to further eliminate insecurity in our nation. The leadership of this great movement beseeches for inclusion of Yoruba youth as well.

However, this great and progressive movement has outrightly condemned the irregularities of the Ogun State government in handling the  Federal Government employment scheme. YAYON has been informed of some conspicuous moves of the stakeholders of this scheme to usurp the slots given to the state for the benefit Nigerian youths.

Conclusively, the executive which stands to represent the voice of Yoruba and Nigerian youth calls for Federal Government intervention so the intention of the government for this scheme would be feasible and not be finally hijacked.


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