I don’t want a relationship with you —Kiddwaya to Erica

 Kiddwaya has once again told Erica that they can’t be in a relationship once they leave Big Brother Naija House.

He said this while responding to Erica’s question when she asked of Kiddwaya’s plans for her.

The billionaire son said he has no plans for her and would see her as every other Housemate.

Kiddwaya said he needs to be focused and having a woman in his life at the moment would be a distraction.

“I would see you when I’m in Lagos, we hang out with Housemates.

“Someone can show you one side of their lives. If you are smart enough you will depict the other side.

“I don’t want to make promises to you on what will happen outside the House.

“I have my reasons for not giving you more and this is me doing what I feel is right for me and you.

“There are a million guys out there for you and everyone is different

“Me showing you more of my life would lead you on and I don’t want to be lying to you. Even if I show you the other side of me, you wouldn’t believe me.

“My life is very difficult to bring girls in. I’m not ready because I need to be more independent.

“I don’t know what future holds or fate,” he said.


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