Meet Beeman, An Upcoming Artist Who Just got Signed By Abuja Based Record Label

Yunus Abdulwhahab, popularly known as BeeMan is currently one of the talk of the town. This up-and-coming artiste is one of the future of the Nigeian music industry as his hit tracks has imparted and still imparting lives. This has given him edge over other up-and-rising artistes known in Nigeria today. 

Because of his wealth of ability to sing and his undying passion for the art, BeeMan has been eyed by many notable record labels in the country but was recently signed by an Abuja based record Label known as Abbey City Empire (ACE).  

BeeMan has released several tracks and has sung in many states of the federation which included Kaduna, Abuja,Lagos and many more. In this interview, BeeMan shares is story. 

Can we know your name and your background?

I’m Yunus Ishola Wahab by name.  I was born on April 1st 1983 to the family of Ishola. I am Yoruba by tribe . Precisely from Oyo state and I am popularly  known as  BeeMan- babanla. I came from a Muslim background.

What is your educational background like ?
For my education, I attended Kaduna Polytechnic where I have Diploma certificate in Audio Visual Technology.
When did you start singing ? 

I started when I was in higher institution. There were these girls who were my course mates then, they had a recording studio and served as inspiration to me. They inspired me to do music that was in 2004 and ever since I picked it as part of my career.

It's obvious you are a lover of music and you so much have passion for it. What genre of music do you do?

 I’m an Afro pop artiste. That's basically what I do as a musician. 
 How many tracks or albums do you have ? 
 Presently I have released  20 tracks. Last year September 2019, I released another his song. I have released a song entitled "God" featuring Super Star Elvis. Added to other tracks by BeeMan included; Ibere Ote, Jawonsi, Katarawa, Shade amongest others. 
 For you to have chosen a career in music  you  must so much love it .What  other thing would you do if not music? 

I’d love to be a Media practitioner. I have always wanted to see my self in the media world. Giving people information about what's happening in the society and any other thing done in the media or by media personnel.

Well, I must say that being a musician has earned me so much than I could even imagine. It has taken me to places I never thought I could ever get to.

Can you mention places you been to for your performance weather local or international 

I have performed in major cities Abuja and Lagos Nigeria. I have actually performed with Marvelous Benji, Konga, Lesekese, Neaty Greety,Buzu Kaduna who Busy in Kaduna and lots of more. I have also been to Osogbo to run some  shows . Shows with fatai Rolling Dollars on blessed memories and 9ice and so many artist  I’ve also done shows in Surulere lagos state. Added to these, I have done shows with konga producer back then 2005  and I’ve also performed in Abuja, Zaria, Kano and most part of the north several times.

Have you featured any popular musician in your own songs?

Not yet 

What is your source of motivation ?

Uhm , I can say things that happen around me , because I do write songs and I’ve been writing songs from the experience that I’ve seen  which motivate me. 

If you’re to feature any of these popular artistes,which among them would you love to feature ?

I used to have a mentor and my mentor is 9ice because I love his pattern of music

 Did you meet him in person, I mean “9ice “

I met him then at Olonkoro city hall in Osogbo osun state where he did his first city show with Baba Fatal Rolling dollars on blessed memories on the same stage. 

We learnt that a record label just signed you

 Yes, Abbey city Empire "ACE" based in Abuja just signed me and I'm happy to work with them.

What are the challenges you can point to in the music industry 

Well , there are so many challenges but God is in control.For me I love passing messages to people by music and I love to touch souls and hearts. If I can’t do that it’s a big challenge for me Sometimes So music is my life and if I have the opportunity to back to this world I will still reminds in music.


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