Mike ezuronye not satisfied with Kunle afolayan’s Apology


Actor Mike Ezuruonye has found fault in an apology issued by a movie producer, Kunle Afolayan, whom he accused of tarnishing his image.

Kunle Afolayan had shared a screenshot from a lady who accused Mike Ezuruonye of scamming her.

In reaction to the screenshot, Mike Ezuruonye said that it had nothing to do with him and that many have been using his name to scam people.

He also slammed Kunle Afolayan for sharing the screenshot and accused him of being a tribalist who hates Igbos.

In response, Kunle Afolayan apologized to him and revealed that it wasn’t his intention to tarnish his image by sharing the screenshot.

He also said that he’s not a tribalist as claimed by Mike Ezuruonye because his works feature people from other tribes.

Kunle Afolayan wrote:

“Mole, Mountain and My Brother Mike Ezuruonye

I’m compelled to publicly offer a response to Mike Ezuruonye’s diatribe against my person.

On Thursday, I shared on my Instagram timeline a message posted on my comment section about an unfounded insinuation of his involvement in scams.

With a message in Yoruba, which I inscribed on the post: “E gba mi o. Ewo n temi?” (Spare me, what’s my own) I had shared the post on my timeline with the intention to jocularly send a message to purveyors of fake news and unproven allegations that they should free me and by extension my other colleagues of such mindless allegations.

It was not just a message to subtly disprove such accusations but to send a signal that I frown against such intrusive messages.

Sadly, my colleague and brother took it badly even after exchange of private messages to explain the harmless intention behind my post.

Not only has he called me out openly and making a social media feast of his disavowal, but he has also accused me of being anti-Igbo.

He is wrong!

While my apology to him subsists, because it’s only fair; it is pathetic of him to bring needless ethnic sentiment into a mere molehill of an issue that can’t be fancied as a mountain.

To me, it didn’t matter that the sender of that message is apparently Igbo. What’s important is that my post drew no negative comments until Mike decided to raise the roof.

To disappoint Mike and other ethnic jingoists, this molehill issue isn’t enough for me to climb the rooftop to shout my detribalised Nigerian nature. The array of star colleagues and subject matters treated in my films, in addition to the staff in my workforce and friends in and out of Nollywood that I associate with, will easily put a lie to the cheap anti-Igbo toga that Mike has pitiable tried to dress me with.

My utmost regard is always reserved for him as a man of honour and large heart that I knew him to be.”

Reacting to the apology from Kunle Afolayan, Mike Ezuruonye stated that it is underlined with pride.

He wrote:

“A sincere Apology has Three Parts
I’m sorry
It’s my fault
What can we do to make this work


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