EndSARS: National Peace Committee calls for calm

 The National Peace Committee (NPC), has called for calm over the raging #ENDSARS protests nationwide.

NPC also called on protesters to take a break because coronavirus does not recognise protests.

The committee said it is dangerous for the nation to let its guards down considering what is happening around the world with new threats of the resurgence of the pandemic.

In a statement by its chairman and convener, General Abdulsalami Abubakar (retd) and Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah respectively, NPC appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to ensure the rights of citizens are fully respected and protected.

NPC further said #EndSARS protest is a legitimate pursuit by youths, adding like millions of other Nigerians, it is within the rights of the youths to express their grievances with the system.

“We watched with utter shock, deep sorrow and sadness, the events that have taken place across the country in the wake of these protests by our youths.

“We have seen ugly scenes of activities that are totally unrelated to the goals of the youth protesters. This is very sad, but we call for calm among our people and appeal to the President to ensure that the rights of citizens are fully respected and protected.

“The right to protest is considered a cardinal principle in human existence wherever individuals live together as a family or a community. Every community is formed and strengthened by the contribution of all its members.

“The respect for and defense of the right of each member of the community is what sustains and strengthens that community.

Therefore, when an individual or some members feel aggrieved, it is their right to seek redress within the rules guiding their existence and that of the community.

“It is against this backdrop we must see the #ENDSARS protests by the youths in our dear country as a legitimate pursuit. Like millions of other Nigerians, we all concede that it is within the rights of our youths to express their grievances with the system.

“However, the right to protest is not an absolute right independent of the machinery and laws that govern a given society.

“Whenever an individual or a group protests in the face of an injury, it is often based on the fact that other remedies have not worked.

“Notwithstanding this, the right of the protester must include the belief that redress will benefit both the aggrieved and the larger society,” the NPC said.


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