Oxlade Reveals His Manager Now Suffers From Cerebral Edema After his arrest

 Oxlade’s manager Ojabodu Ademola, popularly referred to as Ojahbee, has sustained a brain injury following his arrest by the police, the Nigerian artiste revealed on Thursday.

Ojahbee was arrested and brutalised by the Nigerian Police during the peaceful #EndSARS protest. The news of his arrest was announced by Oxlade, who referred to Ojahbee as his brother and his manager. The request for his release trended on social media with so many people trending hashtags to ensure he was released.

His release was subsequently fast-forwarded when the Speaker for House of Representative, Femi Gbajabiamila, together with Desmond Eliot, and lawyers visited Panti, where he had been transferred to.

However, on Thursday, Oxlade, an upcoming artiste, has announced that his manager now suffers from Cerebral Edema after the torture he went through in the police station just because he participated in a peaceful protest.

Cerebral Edema is a situation where fluid builds up around the brain, causing an increase in pressure known as intracranial pressure. This can cause severe complications.

It can restrict the supply of blood to the brain. Blood carries oxygen to the brain, which the brain requires to function. A lack of oxygen in the brain can damage brain cells or cause death according to Medical News Today.

In the post made on Twitter, the scan report was made public, also, Oxlade reveals that Ojahbee has lost control of his fingers.


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