The Self Inflicted Soro soke Syndrome

 The End SARS Movement that has besieged the country in the last couple of days started gradually but got escalated when it appears that the government would turn deaf ears as always.

You recall that the End SARS movement started as a result of the excessive police brutality most especially the Special Anti robbery squad (SARS) that many citizens have experienced over the years till few weeks back.The most affected set of people are the youth even though  a considerable percentage of them are involved in Cyber fraud which gave the room for extortion by the SARS operatives.


In the Nigerian governmental set up,The EFCC and ICPC are the only agency mandated to prosecute Cybercriminals not SARS . But due to a systemic and leadership deficiency,we have always witnessed encroachment of duties by the police force as a whole. The police force by virtue of their operations across the country,they look multipurpose ,power drunk and greedy .They always dabble into operations beyond their scope which epitomized the breakdown in our value system.

As a result of the nationwide wide protest ,The presidency acted swiftly by disbanding and eradicating SARS as a unit but 48hrs after ,only for the IG to replace SARS with SWAT. 

This singular action further enraged protesters who believes the government is taken them for granted .

Fast forward,Protesters changed from the acronym End SARS to End bad governance among other headlines..It further give them room to press home for more demands from the government referencing  the problems that plagued youth and other citizens of the nation. 

They promised to continue the protest until all their demands are met and won’t even dialogue with the government..Not forgetting the resilience and dedication of many youth to this cause both home and abroad..

They even went as far as crowdfunding,online radio and donations with huge support from overseas citizens..

My take :Nigeria as a nation is experiencing self afflicted problems which can only be solved when we live up to the reality to reform and restructure the whole system in the country .but until then we are sitting on a time bomb that could explode in a nutshell.

Lets beware of our own ARAB SPRING





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