Nigerian elected in the US rocks Agbada to his inauguration

 A Nigerian man elected into the Montgomery County Council in the United States, Will Jawando, has proudly displayed a representation of his culture to the world.

The young politician wore a Nigerian attire popularly called agbada to his swearing-in ceremony in a bid to promote the African culture.

Will Jawando is an attorney, born to a Nigerian father and an American mother from Kansas.

Will, in a video which was shared on Twitter by the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM), explained why he wore the African attire to his inauguration.

He had these to say:

“We all come from different culture, it’s really important that we respect our differences even if those differences come in ways we don’t anticipate or even understand.

“So by wearing this agbada, this traditional West African clothing in a public setting to take the public oath of office, it’s part of a bigger and public dialogue that I think it’s needed if we are to understand and respect our differences and move forward.”

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