The Silent GSM With The Need To Increase Security Volume


The Silent GSM With The Need To Increase Security Volume

GSM means global system of communications which became a global brand in the mid 2010.

GSM is also the sobriquet of Our dear Governor,Engr Oluseyi Makinde who rode  on a supposed Street credibility albeit Alliance with some other political party to emerge the governor last May .

Expectations were high on the shoulders of GSM due to the high standards set by his predecessor most especially on the issue of security.

However,Our GSM volume as been loud on other spheres e.g infrastructures,Education ,Staff welfarism and others but failed to work when it comes to security..Now to the analysis and cause of why the volume became so so low despite turning the knob to the highest.

Firstly,security issues have so many undertones and underlined factors.many will say the introduction of PMS contributed to the insecurity of the state while some other quarters will blame the economic woes of the whole country as high rate of unemployment and rising inflation seems to be the order of the day.

But the truth is that Oyo state is Insecure and could ultimately be placed beside Boko haram ravaged Borno state based on recent statistics. 

The abdication of the NPF is also a contributing factor to the insecurity experienced in Oyo state.

Moving forward,Our GSM must analyse the security architecture of the state holistically and also put into consideration those underlying and external factors that usually fuels insecurity .

A proactive approach must be introduced at our border towns and villages especially the Oke ogun axis of the state which is termed as the Agricultural gold mine of the state .

Without much ado,the reality check

Of this text is to make our GSM increase its volume in the aspect of security.

God bless Oyo state 

God bless Nigeria


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