Gani Adams to southwest Govs: allocate 15 per cent budget to agriculture

 Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yoruba Land Gani Adams has appealed to South West Governors to allocate 15 per cent of their budget to agriculture.

He said the increase will reduce the regions’ dependence on the north for farm produce.

Adams, who addressed reporters at the weekend, said paying attention to agriculture will address lingering infrastructure challenges in agriculture, insecurity and also improve the economy of the Southwest.

According to him, the Southwest consumes products worth over N8 billion from the north daily.

He said: “Sanctioning Southwest about the cow and other products from the north is uncalled for. Ordinarily, we should sanction them that we don’t want cows in our region because according to research, herders and livestock farmers make about N8 billion daily in Yoruba Land. About 13, 000 to 15, 000 cows are consumed daily in Lagos and about 25, 000 in the Southwest.

“Blocking those products from coming to the Southwest is a serious concern to us, and a wake-up call for the governors and stakeholders in the Southwest. If they stop bringing their products, I can assure you that we can adjust within one year, and we will come out better and produce so many that we will sell outside Nigeria.

This is a challenge to our governor’s in the Southwest to ensure that 10 to 15 per cent of their budget is set aside for agriculture. We will encourage individuals to go into small and large scale farming henceforth, even if in their backyards.

“Lagos has no land to grow enough products, but it can acquire land in other Southwest states. Yoruba land has sufficient food, and if the governors can allocate about 15 per cent of their budget to agriculture, we will have enough produce to consume and export.”

The Aare also welcomed the shoot-on-sight order by the President, saying the Yoruba nation is ready to defend her territory and will not go into war with any region.

“The shoot on sight order is a welcome idea from the President. It is no crime to defend yourself but when it gets to using AK-47, it is a threat.

“If herders carry AK-47, then our farmers should be allowed to. The President has done well with the order. The Southwest will not fight anyone or region, but we will defend our land,” he added.


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