Land Grabber: Ballistic Experts To Investigate Ikorodu Shootings

Ballistic experts at the Force Criminal Investigations Department,Alagbon Close,Ikoyi Lagos may soon be called upon to determine the fate of a mobile police officer being detained over alleged fatal shootings at the weekend in Ikorodu,Lagos as the Keyooolu family have written to his office and Higher Security and Top Police Authorities to start a power packed inquest.

Preliminary Investigation into the matter is being conducted by homicide detectives attached to the State Criminal Investigations Department,Panti Street,Yaba Lagos.

The detectives have been  working round the clock to unravel the circumstances that led to the alleged shootings between some dangerous cult groups and land speculators led by Alhaji Mutairu Owoeye,in the NITEL Oke Ota Ona area of Ikorodu Lagos,in which case several people were said to have been injured.The injured person's were  being treated at a public hospital.

Two Innocent and elderly persons  Mr Seni Atoloye and Mr Owolabi Dada who were party to a  disputed land at the NITEL area of the town were said to have gone to the local police station  at Igbogbo to report the incident but were  swiftly arrested by the police who later referred the matter to the homicide section of the police at SCID,Panti.

Eye witnesses told our Correspondent that the two parties to the fiasco are Policemen sent from the DIG Operation to protect Construction Staff of a company that has purchased land from the bonafide sellers at the Nitel area and the Owoeye land Grabbers and Cult Boys clashed when Owoeye Boys opened fire on sighting the Policemen who came to secure the company land at the disputed and people ran Helter skelter as guns boomed!

According to them,"when the dust settled,a victim of gunshot was picked lifeless.

It was  further gathered that, a Mobile police officer legitimately attached to the area was later questioned  by his superior officers in an attempt  to establish the truth. Although the Mobile Policeman was only found with an anti riot tear gas cannister,this brings to question the Nexus between the gunshot and the police link to the murdered person.

The quizzed Mobile police officer was said to have denied ever firing a shot that might have led to the death of one of the land warriors:his alibi was that, ballistic experts should be invited to determine if the bullet casings reportedly found at the scene of the blood -letting  incident and the ones extracted from the victims matched the ones in the magazine of any of the Mobile Policemen's gun. Supol Muyiwa Adejobi,the spokesperson of the Lagos Police Command, during enquiries said investigation into the matter was ongoing. He could not ascertain whether the  alleged fatal shooting was from the cultists gun or from the quizzed Mobile police officer. 

It was learnt that, other  arrested individuals especially three notorious Cultists and land Grabbers were arrested when they were chased and dropped their guns and other weapons and fled and they confessed to be *Owoeeye Boys* who were imported from Sango Otta to cause mayhem,their statements were taken at Ipakodo Police Station and they were swiftly transferred to F.I.B Department of the FCID Police Headquarters,Area 10,Abuja and the Two persons who voluntarily went to make a report at the Igbogbo Police Station were transferred to the State Criminal Investigations Department,Panti  Street,Yaba, for further investigation.Other Family members too had gone to make statement at Ipakodo Police Station as the Owoeye boys shot at Policemen and other family members who went to point out the notorious criminals causing mayhem there.

One of the arrested persons who is a family representative who went to make a report at the Police Station ,Seni Atoloye, was however released ,while another person,Mr. Owolabi Dada was still being held. Adejobi impressed  that, the state commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu, directed that the case  be transferred to State CID ,Panti for discreet  investigation.

He  confided  to us that arms and ammunition  were recovered in the course of a mop up operation that followed which ostensibly included the ones  from the gun of the  mobile police officer.

It would be recalled that the Land in dispute rightfully belongs to the Keyooolu Family who had previously petitioned the top police authorities that there is a pending case against Alhaji Mutairu Owoeye and others for malicious damage of properties at the same disputed land and the family too alleged threat by Alhaji Owoeye  who knows there is a court ruling  in IKD/595 LMW/2015 IKD/1000LMW/2014 of Forcibly entering into their land with Bulldozer with an aim of damaging property and agricultural crops as well as Conduct aimed at destabilizing the community and planting a dead body there some months ago.

The arrested Family members:- Owoseni Atoyebi and owolabi Dada were before Magistrate oshodi that same day gun shots boomed and went to ipakodo for a missing family member and couldn't find same there who later proceeded to igbogbo police station in furtherance of the missing person but were asked to amount for an alleged murder that they were never a party to at Igbogbo police station,Ikorodu before been transferred to state C.I.D panti

In a funny twist however,one Oba Omobemi and one Sanni Yusuf,who boasts of been ringleaders of some of the Deadliest Cults in Ikorodu,were the ones who first started to post the picture of a dead Man on their Facebook page, alleging that the Mobile Policemen killed the person in their presence,a cursory look at their other pictures reveal they were linked to the dangerous killings at Isiwu and Cult activities at Imota and other Ikorodu Environs and were seen regularly snapping pictures and hobnobbing with Alhaji Mutairu Owoeye and other Wanted and previously arrested Cultists;a further invitation by the Police of these persons could assist the Police in finding out the truth of the whole matter, as they verbally voluntarily stated that the murder happened in their presence.

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