Read What Rev. Sam Reveals On Religious Leaders In Nigeria

The general Overseer of Divine Universal Churches of Christ, International, Itedo Ayo Oke Berger, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Rev.Dr. Olayiwola Sam Mercy has revealed that the major problem of the country is having Religious leaders condemning one religion and the other, that they wants to have their share in Government money adding that Religious house should be removed from government houses.
Rev revealed this on his 33 years celebration of God's calling and Birthday on Sunday.

In his words, "I want to advice our leaders because they are the one causing it, they should remove religious governance, the should remove chapel, mosques in government house, let religion remain in the house of religion, there is nothing concern the government about religion, now they are promoting Christianity, Islam what about the traditional own, they also pay taxes as well. The religious leaders today saw the money in Aso rock and they want to share from it. It is we the religious leaders that are deceiving people. Government are there to steal what concerns them with organizing Iftar during Ramadan, organizing playing of pianos. People should endure anything o" he said

He said further that the journey of ministering have been very smoothful but with challenges, saying that only focus and determination keeps him

According to him, "Rev. Dr Olayiwola olumide Samson, I'm celebrating my 33 years of calling and added by my birthday. It makes me feel better and happy celebrating my 33 years with the lord calling because he has supported me in everything and I believe he will support me today hence forth.

"The journey has been so smooth because I don't want to discourage upcoming pastors because their are different challenges you will meet growing in the ministry but if you are called genuinely you won't look other side, you will be looking to Jesus and by so you will excel

"The ministry is moving forward, my life will move forward, all signs of my life, preaching, acting, publishing , singing will get more focus better for people to know that you can be a pastor and promote your talent

Rev Samson said that the Jesus belongs to the whole world not just for Christians alone.

"I'm passing the message to the world, Jesus came for the world not for Christians alone that is why I don't support pastors that are personalizing Jesus as if they are the one that gave birth to him, he appears in all religion, Jesus is not for Christians alone is for the whole world

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