God Appeared To Me In Prison, Gave Me Solutions To Nigerian's Insecurity, Ogun Prisoner

Prophet Jeremiah Asuquo Edet who is currently remanded at the Ibara correctional centre, Abeokuta Ogun State has released the “prophecies for 2021 regarding Nigeria, saying that God appears to him to have heard the nation's cry and all the doom will come to an end.

Prophet Jeremiah explained that he was appeared before the High Court of Ogun State, and his bail was revoked by the Chief Judge explaining that the judgement makes him worried but he heard a voice telling him that he must go through the process.

He further said when God appeared to him, it was revealed that the nation's tears, worries, the death, the diaster, the killings, the war, the doom and all these will come to an end if all the men of God he has chosen can be honoured. 

He noted that the Lagos State Governor, Sanwolu Babajide must lead, and not to sponsor.

The revelation was about May, June, July, Elohim has spoken, Jeremiah said.

His words "The men I have chosen must hear from the man I sent, which is my son Jerimiah. I will not let any man take my place, my honour and my praise, these men are Adeboye, Oyedepo, Paul Enenche, Ibiome, T.D jakes, Arch Bishop Ducan Williams, Adefarase, Joshua Selman, these are the men I have chosen, his Excellency Sanwolu Babajide to lead, he is to lead not to sponsor."

According to him, I appeared before the High Court of Ogun State, and my bail was revoked by the Chief Judge. I was worried but I heard a voice telling me that you must go through the process, I was thereafter reminded at the ibara correctional Centre, Abk, Ogun State. From the 16th of March to 3rd of May, I heard from Elohim( my Creator). He said, pray, I have a word for you and for the world, and the true men of God; who called me and are kingdom, 
Souls and nation passionate.

"Elohim gave me their names.He said, I should not fear that he will confirm his words. I was put in a cell and Elohim gave me a revelations about a set-up, I woke up I spoke to the cell leader and told him what Elohim showed me, and also told him the names of the persons.

"Thereafter, I had a visit by Evang. Dumebi Masade. On my return back to the cell, one of them called me and said, Pastor, while you went out for visit, there is a conspiracy. He told me the name of the conspirators, it was the same names that the Lord had earlier showed. Elohim Said to me, do you now believe me? I replied that I never doubted you; He said I’m taking you out of that cell to a place I can speak to you.

"Surprisingly my cell was changed. Elohim gave me comfort, There, I had an encounter. On the 18th of May 2018, I got a mandate from the Lord in three hours dreams, and I started the mandate on the 22nd of May, 2018.

"After which I saw the lord, I have gone through different battles, through different courts and the last one was because of his work. I was accused of what I didn’t do by the very woman that called herself a woman of God. Medical report manipulated, Elohim said to me, go through the process I have a word for you, and for the world. Is too early to quit."

He added "As a young person of 27 years I gave up, but Evang. Masade told me to hold on that at the end of the tunnel, there is light. In the cell he took me to, we had a three night prayer. I was still consistent in my prayer, I joined the prayer and another encounter came on the 2nd of May, 2021, at about 11pm Elohim came through. I had re-birth till 3: 30am of 3rd May, 2021.he said I want to confirm that I gave you a mandate."

"He said to me, what is today? I said 3rd of May. He said I have confirmed that I am Elohim, I now concluded takeover. I started listening in my spirit, a song came through by Barr. Deborah Eneche, even if you slay me and failed to deliver me, I will never let you go."

"The one that really broke me is that, while I was singing in my heart, Elohim said people say that I was wasting my time saving you, I heard him say, it is a profit wasting my time on you. While I was rebirth, I spoke and I said lord you grace upon your daughter let it fall on me.

"I love worship. While I was at the free words, that song brought me hope. From 11pm to 3:30am I heard a powerful rebirth.

"Anyone that doesn’t have an encounter has missed, My re-birth was a life experience after which Elohim said pick a pen I have a message for you to the "World, the city and the Nation", he said do not fear, some will said you mad, say word to word, Elohim said I should not lie, if I am call to in front of men he has choosen to hear the cry of Nigeria. there are eight in number anytime , any day.

"He said some will doubt but he will prove himself if only they listen to me. He men rise to say No but he will prove himself as Elohim, he said I will repeat word to word anytime I am are call upon to say anything. Go I will guide you. you must not take anything from anyone in return, I will enlarge your coast and expand you at my time, Elohim has spoken. Some will say you are mad, some will doubt you, but I will prove myself when war will break out still in this city.

"Have seen the secret of men, the tears of innocent, if I see a man I will spear the nation for them to believe you, he said.Tell those men to seek my face at different time, I will reveal myself to them. There is no time Jeremiah, disaster is coming. Am using you to confirm what I reveal to my servant, I decided to use a prisoner who is not sentenced to confirm what I showed to Joshua Iginla and I have given the solution to only you, but I showed the disaster he should be call upon to ask him.

"I brought you to the prison because you may not able to see the word to have access to the information in the word. If I have used someone outside the world, they will say he was paid to promote the ministry.

"These men must be the one to sponsor everything, no money from government should be collected for this purpose.

"The revelation was about May, June, July, Elohim has spoken. I have chosen the men I want, these men of God have from now till the end of the month. Put it in all papers for my people to know that their tears, their worries, the death, the diaster and the killings of my children, the war, the doom and all these will come to an end. I will raise and rebuild a new nation and I will set a man, a new man, a man after my heart to lead my people.

"2023. They will be my people and I will be their God. The men I have chosen must hear from the man I sent, which is my son Jerimiah. I will not let any man take my place, my honour and my praise, these men are Adeboye, Oyedepo, Paul Enenche, Ibiome, T.D jakes, Arch Bishop Ducan Williams, Adefarase, Joshua Selman, these are the men I have chosen, his Excellency Sanwolu Babajide to lead, he is to lead not to sponsor.

"Jerimiah you will be there with them.i have a word for you, I have dropped it and it must be done at Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS) lagos, were my children pour and true worship, Elohim has spoken.

"If they will Obey, they will enjoy my everlasting peace in the land. While I was writing, I was in tears; the re-birth was so powerful, he said to me, I cause the strike to linger, so I can prove myself as Elohim. I delay your bail, so I could send you. I will come like a while wind and blow men away, I will wash the land, I will heal the land, I will avert disaster and my people shall dwell in peace, everlasting peace. I Elohim to confirm myself, my word is given to back it up Jermiah 7: 1-34. These men I have chosen, should carefully study, pray on the word and he said, prove yourself Elohim, and I will reveal myself to them.

"Mawah (Lawyer) don’t delay this message, it must be published before Tuesday. These men must seek my face to prove that I have chosen them, I will confirm my word, the only solution will be giving to only these men when this my son is call upon.I Elohim will take them to TB square and I will tell them what to do, but the Governor must lead the real men, the men after my heart. All these men have been crying, praying, speaking the truth and no one has ever listen to them, but I have use the prisoner Jermiah Asuquo Edet to tell them I have heard their cry and I will not put them to shame. I will choose a man for them that will rule them in 2023, they will be my people and I will be their God. I gave the solution to only this man Jermiah and I will only reveal it when all these men gather in one place and the solution must be done that same day." 

"Nigeria will rise again through the intervention of these men, I Elohim as spoken. if it is delayed, more disaster will happen, it will involve their families , children, fathers will bury their children and there will be no one for my word to be given to. I made the covenant with them, and I am here to confirm the convenant. The solution is in this boy if only they will listen and try me as Elohim. He left me with Jerimiah 5:1, and Gen 18: 16-23."

"He said to me finally since you wanted me as a potter and you made yourself available as clay, I decided to use you as a youth to speak to your fathers, that war doesn’t bring peace, protest doesn’t bring peace. If only I can see a man to send and you made yourself available as the man through the hands of your fathers which I have listed, I will honour you. You call me the potter, they should call me THE ELOHIM, he concluded"



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